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Hello and welcome to my first ever blog post! Thank you so much for visiting my site, and I hope you enjoy reading all of the future posts to come…


I decided that the only logical way to begin my blog was to start by introducing myself. But I don’t want to do this in a really boring way, so let’s look at

20 Facts About Me…using PHOTOGRAPHS!

1) I’m Katy, a 17 year old British girl. Yep, thats me down there, looking oh-so-glamourous for my Year 11 Prom in 2012! 


Okay but that’s not really the true portrayal… Let’s have a look at me just moments later…


Yep that’s better. Not so glamorous now!

But hey, who else can say they had their prom photos taken next to some old graffiti round the back of an abandoned building?!

2) I’m the daughter of a lady referred to online as LittleWing Lost – My Mom is a photographer… she deals a lot with graffiti…

(Now it all makes sense ay?)


If you ever see a photo of me in front of graffiti, like this one in Brighton, it is 99% certain that it is a photo taken from Mamma Bear. So it’ll be a pretty cool picture.

She takes lots of photos, so if you ever feel like checking her out (her website of course…) then here is her link: #LittleWingLost


3) I live with my Mom & my big sister Molly (I say my “Big Sister” – she’s tiny)


Here’s a festive picture of me and my sister last year… We apparently look very alike in this photograph, but don’t be fooled – she’s 2 years older than me.

You might recognise her from Twitter @Mollyloveee

4) I see my dad every weekend or so – He’s really cool and has a very pretty bike…


5) I have a boyfriend called Ben.


I absolutely love this picture because it looks like we are ignoring each other because we both have our earphones in! We look completely anti-social!

The truth is, we were on our way to London for the day & I’d just woken up from a power nap! Oops!


7) I have a very stupid bullmastiff, a crazy deaf cat & a tattoo print covered Kitten


Yeah, our pets are very…special?

Martha – Our Pure White, Beautiful, CRAZY, deaf cat

Gilbert – Our Handsome, but really stupid, bullmastiff

Delilah – Our Gorgeous, printed kitten (also known as Delilah-Tats)

Now we’ve met everybody, here’s just a brief few things about me

P.s. Did you notice my accidental missing out of number 6? Woops.

6) I’m forgetful & clumsy. You’ll understand the more you get to know me…

8) I’m terrified of bellybuttons.

Okay I know it sounds crazy. And I know there isn’t even a picture for this one. But I can’t bring myself to add one! Yes, i am completely terrified of belly buttons.

I can’t look at one without feeling uncomfortable! Let alone touch one! This is my weirdest phobia.

I’m not alone though. Google it.

9) I love food. Any food will do.


10) Oh, and I drink endless amounts of tea every day. I’m your typical Brit’.


11) I love being a tourist in my own country.


London in particular is a place that bewilders me. Wow.

12) I love camping!:)


13) I’m on lots of Social Media

Follow me on Twitter: @kAtYsPiAnO15

Follow me on Instagram: katylouise15


14) I sing & write songs whilst playing piano...


I haven’t uploaded onto YouTube in a very long time… But here is my link!

15) I’m obsessed that the number 15 is my lucky number even though I have no reason to believe it


16) I’m currently in my final year of Sixth form, studying Business, Geography & Law… Wish me luck!


That photo is taken when I got my AS Results – the caption along to posting it online was “Dear Bullies – thank you so much for making the fact I’ve done well in my AS results today, all the more satisfactory! Good luck with everything:)”

I believe that is what we call a point well made?

17) My Birthday is on 17th May and so I will be 18 in around 7 months!


18) I like clothes and makeup and buy far too much


19) I get to go to really cool things, like setting up exhibitions or running round an empty BCFC Stadium & locker rooms with radio presenters…


20) I love everything I do and want to start writing online to share it all with you!


So, that’s it! I hope you’ve enjoyed my visually enthusiastic summary of some things I wanted to share with you, and hope that it’s enough for you to make sense of all the gobble-deegoop I’ll be coming out with soon on this blog!

Remember to keep in touch via any way you can!

See you soon & thanks for reading,


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Instagram: katylouise15

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