Review: Eyes Lips Face Cosmetics

Welcome back lovelies!

So today I decided that I wanted to write a post, all about a cute brand that you may (or may not) have heard of, giving you a bit of more of a taste of how I’ve found a few of their products after trying them out recently! 

Eyes Lips Face Cosmetics (otherwise known as e.l.f.) is an international cosmetics brand, which began back in 2004 – and what a lovely decision it was to create this brand…

The reason I chose to look into some of the products e.l.f. offers, is because I couldn’t get my head around the prices! Yes, it is true – an affordable yet quality makeup brand, is finally out there! How affordable? Well.. the majority of products begin at as little as £1.50!


Yes, this is real life! 

When I tell people about e.l.f. and their wonderful prices, the first thing people assume is that if the cosmetics are cheap, they are poor quality – and to be honest with you, who wouldn’t assume that? After all, we live in a consumer’s network which advertises the average price of a concealer to be at least £3.99 for a reasonable quality.

So why is e.l.f. so cost effective?

When discussing this on their website, e.l.f. explain that…

“By sourcing the best ingredients at competitive prices, and by using the internet for branding rather than higher-priced advertising media e.l.f are able to pass the savings on to their customers providing them with some of the highest quality, low cost cosmetics on the market today.”

Thats a perfectly acceptable answer for me!

But is the quality good enough at such a pound-saving price? Here is my review of 4 products I went on to trial…Enjoy!

Lash Extending Mascara – Black – £3.95


This mascara has been an absolute God send! Apply it after using the wonderful primer below and you’ll find yourself with long lasting, bold & beautiful lashes! And for £3.95, its an absolute bargain!

Studio Mascara Primer – £3.95


This is the first ever primer I’ve brought for my lashes, as I have always been too afraid to spend lots on something I wont use as regularly as my mascara or foundation. After finding this primer at e.l.f. I decided I would give it a try… My lashes look thicker, longer, and my mascara stays in place all day long! I use this primer before the e.l.f. Lash Extending Mascara and they work beautifully together! I highly recommend this product, especially if you have eyelashes that are seeking that little bit more volume!

Daily Brush Cleaner – £3.95


The next product isn’t exactly a product you can see me using in my makeup routine, however I have been looking for something like it for ages and was so pleased when I discovered that e.l.f. produce one at such good value! Applying your makeup with brushes every day can get a bit dirty after a while, and it becomes difficult to fully clean your brushes when you use them so regularly! This brush cleaner is perfect for cleaning your brushes whilst you go along. A few spritz of the spray and a little wipe of the bristles, and your brush is good to go!

The reason for my 4 star rating and not 5 star rating is because it does take a fair amount of the product for it to actually work effectively. However, for the cost and its abilities, I feel that this product is something every girl should have in her make up bag!

Studio Makeup Mist & Set – £3.95


This mist & set spray keeps my makeup in place, whilst giving me a healthy glow all day long! I absolutely love this bottled miracle, and would recommend it to anybody with oily skin, as it is ideal at keeping foundation and concealer from moving throughout the day. It has a refreshing scent and is a reasonable size for its value! Just 1 to 2 sprays a day and your makeup will remain flawless! It’s a steal!

That’s another 5 star’s from me!

As well as all these wonderful product capabilities, the packaging and presentation of e.l.f. is superb. The website is user friendly, and is super easy to navigate around. My order was quick to arrive, and was certainly not a dissapointment!

Overall, my e.l.f. experience was enjoyable and affordable, and so all I have left to say is…

Check them out right away!

I am hoping to trial some more of the e.l.f. range soon, so let me know if there is anything you want me to test for you! Remember to follow me on Twitter @kAtYsPiAnO15

Thats it from me, I hope you enjoyed this post!
Katy x

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