An Apology

Hello, and welcome back to my blog “That Girl From”…

Today’s post is one that is an explanation as well as an apology. I want to firstly thank those who have been viewing my blog this past month, but also to apologise for not giving you much to view… Let’s explain…

I set up my blog and started posting, and really began to enjoy myself! I was receiving views all over the word, from America to Australia and all across Europe – it was exciting and encouraging all at once, to see that content I was posting so freely and easily was being accessed by people across the Globe. And of course, with my aim for this blog being to connect to people I wouldn’t usually connect with, seeing that I was interacting with people all over the world was extremely satisfying.

But after posting a few posts, I vanished.

When looking on my blog, it is almost as though I have vanished off of the face of the earth. And I wish to say in this moment, that I am so very sorry for vanishing! I finally had people listening, and then turned off the mic. But there is an explanation within this post as well as an apology…

After posting the last post, I said that I would be posting again tomorrow… but  I didn’t! Why? I got the flu!

Yes, everyone in my household was hit by the flu for the following two weeks, and so an entire two week period was full of looking after each other as well as ourselves, recovering from our runny noses and sore heads. Sadly, when struck with the flu, it becomes very difficult to sit at a computer and write a post about how I’m feeling or things I want to share, because the only thing on my mind is finding a chance to go to sleep! Therefore, after getting quite poorly, I did not post on my blog.

However, it’s been more than just two weeks without any news from me… So why haven’t I come back? The story continues…

After being poorly for a good two weeks, I decided that I really needed to get my head down and work my butt off with my school work. I may have mentioned briefly before that I am in my final year of Sixth Form studying for my A Levels, and so the pressure this year is high, as well as the effort. On top of this, I missed an entire term of work for my A Levels, and so I have been a bit more behind than the rest of my fellow students (I will certainly explain what happened in one of the next posts, I promise!)

So, falling behind in A Levels is never very good. In fact, it is extremely difficult to catch up even if you miss two days of school, let alone a term. This meant that for the weeks following the flu, I had my head down, creating folders and material for school every night. I simply couldn’t find the time to write anything on my blog, as my priority was to catch up in school so that I can get the best results possible next August. I think it really is difficult to prioritise when it comes to A Levels, as getting the right balance seems impossible. However, I am very glad I worked very hard for the past few weeks, as my determination to do so has actually lead to me finally being on top of my work and at the same level as everyone else!

My hard work and efforts lead me up to half term week (the week beginning 27th October!), where I had a very well earned week off. So you could say that this is the third opportunity that I should have been posting…. Let me explain….

I recorded a podcast explaining all of this post in a matter of three minutes, ready to apologise whilst also getting you to all hear my voice and learn exactly what i’m like off of the page! BUT THERE WERE TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES! Yes, who knew that me of all people would suffer from technical difficulties. My podcast was recorded three times, with a final fail last Monday night when I realised that my WordPress site simply wouldn’t let me upload podcasts onto my blog. The podcasts deleted themselves, went corrupt and finally could not even be shared, due to my WordPress not being compatible enough to share mp3 files. And so, my technical difficulties prevented me from sharing this post with you sooner.

Now I know this may seem silly and like I’m just inventing every excuse under the sun. But it’s true, and as true as my apology that I wish to share with you if you are reading this today! I am very sorry for vanishing, but I am back now, and will hopefully be posting more regularly in the coming weeks.. I sadly cannot commit to posting every single day due to previously explained A Level commitments, however I do plan on posting several times a week, so please stay tuned and bare with me!

And remember that if you are enjoying my content in any shape or form, or simply want to give me a kick up the backside to remind me that I haven’t posted in a few days, I want you to keep in touch and contact me! So keep in touch, stay tuned, and I look forward to hearing from you all very soon!

Sweet Dreams,

Katy xx


INSTAGRAM: @katylouise15


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