Thursday Morning

Happy Thursday everyone!
So today has been one of those days where the world seemed to be against me and put me in a god awful mood from the onset – Let’s have a look at what happened to make my Thursday morning resemble that of doomsday…

So it all began when I woke up 55 minutes late. That leaves me with 20 minutes to get completely ready for school and to be at my bus stop. Now, under normal circumstances, this would seem okay. It would be reasonable to shove a smidge of makeup on, have a quick wash, throw on some clothes and be off. Yeah it may be a run down day but at least I’m in!

But today was no ordinary day. This was not a normal “yeah I can do it” sort of circumstance.

This was Thursday 20th November 2014. The day that my hair decided to do… This.


I woke up with a birds nest on my head. Now, to all the girls out there with thick hair like mine, tell me you’re not nodding your head in shame right now, agreeing that this is such a regular occurrence it may as well be some sort of cult that we are sadly involved in?!
I mean, why is this a normality for me, when other girls out there can wake up with sleek, straight hair that simply needs a comb through? Or other girls can wake up with perfect ringlets in their hair, that they don’t even have to touch to look good?

At what point in life, did I draw the short straw and decide that, hmm, maybe on a Thursday morning when I’m running ridiculously late, I could wake up with a birds nest on my head, for the fun eh?

I never chose this life! Sigh.

Anyway, after panicking and screaming about how awful my mane was, I made it to my bus stop in my lovely new pink fluffy jumper which is super cosy. I figured it was appropriate dress for the day because of the freezing temperatures and thick fog outside, which obstructed my ability to view any further than 10 metres up my road this morning.

So I have my hair tied up, I’m wrapped up snug as a bug, and I’ve practically ran to my bus stop because I’m so late. The bus ends up being 15 minutes late. By the time I arrived at school, finding a radiator was like finding a gold mine. Any heat source would do!

I began my day with 2 study periods, meaning I could sit at a computer for 2 hours and work on some essays. But this soon became extremely difficult to do, as I had missed out on my morning cup of tea during the hassle that was my morning. With no caffeine or energy in my body, I found myself zoning out and practically sleeping with my eyes wide open for the next 2 hours.

Things didn’t really get much worse after that. My teacher wasn’t in for my first lesson, so I perked up quite rapidly when I had gained another period in the study room. And my next lesson was super interesting. So, my mood lifted.

That was of course until the final conquest. The dreaded deed. The walk to the shops at lunch time – on my own.

Yes, at lunch time as a sixth former, we are allowed to vacate the school premises, so me and my friends always walk to the local town centre to grab a bite to eat from the Greggs or Home Bargains. But today, everyone was busy. After forgetting my lunch (or let’s say, not having any time to prepare lunch this morning!), I realised how hungry my dramatic encounters had made me, so decided that going to the town on my own would be good fun. After all, I’m independent, and I’m hungry – why would this be a problem?

Because I’m a socially awkward twat, that’s why there will be a problem.

I went out on my own, and had managed to accidentally walk at a speed that lead me to walking immediately behind a large group of boys from the lower year.

Now, being British means that we make simple things like taking over a slow walker on the pavement, overly awkward. So of course that’s what I did. Instead of over taking, I quickly switched route, taking myself around a housing estate to avoid the awkwardness of over taking. I added 5 minutes onto my journey, and walked at the speed of a charging gazelle.

Remember that cosy, pink fluffy jumper I was super content about this morning? I was still wearing it, under my coat, with my scarf on. I HAVE NEVER FELT SO HOT IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.

After whizzing round the stores, grabbing food for both myself and Ben, I took a leisurely stroll back to school, nibbling on the steak pasty that I had deserved since 10 to 8 this morning. But wow was I hot. It took me another HOUR to cool down, after heating up to the equivalent temperature of erupting magma.

Things haven’t been too bad since then. I’m now home, tucked up in bed at only 4:45pm ready for bed after a tiring day of universal punches to the face.

But there have been lessons learnt today my dearest reader.

A) Wake up on the first alarm
B) I made it, therefore I am indestructible!

Bring on Friday!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Stay tuned!
Katy xx

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