University Blues

Hello there. Kate here.

If you can’t tell from my unusually downbeat post introduction, I’m not very happy this evening. In fact that’s not true. I’ve had a wonderful evening! I’ve been to the Christmas market in town with my sister and had a wonderful time!

But something is on my mind. Something that has been on my mind quite a lot recently. It’s just one word.


For the past few months, the thought of university has began to start spinning around in my mind, bringing me to question whether maybe I’ve been too stubborn up until now, to realise that it should really be a step that I take in order to give myself the best options later in life.
Furthermore, if I’m now thinking about university, why am I not thinking about applying immediately? Why not get a degree when everyone else does? Surely I’m capable?

The problem is, how on earth do I decide what degree to choose. I have no idea where I want to go.

Okay that’s another small lie. I have several vague ideas. I’ve written them down on an A4 piece of paper in cute clouds whilst writing this post.
The first cloud says “Journalism”.
The second says “Environment”.
The third says “Business”.

I’m at that time again where everything seems very confusing because once again I am still so unsure as to where I want to go in life.

I want to write. I want to perform to an audience. I want to broadcast.

But then, I also want to plan for the future. Work with sustainable energy. Look into coastal planning schemes.

And then there’s the third cloud. I want to run a business. Hold meetings. Communicate and plan presentations.

So I’m a little down this evening. Deadlines are approaching and I’ve suddenly realised I am in no way prepared for my future, without even any idea where I’m heading in as little as 6 months time. I have a billion prospectuses, have attended hundreds of meetings, and spent countless hours researching online about what course I should do.

But how do you decide what to study, when you can’t even decide what you want it to lead to?

Any help in this would be really appreciated if anyone has any first hand experience. I’m definitely in a position right now to be listening to plenty of advice!

Speak soon,
Katy xx

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