An introduction to a sad end

Hello everybody, and welcome to my latest post on That Girl From! Thank you so much for tuning in once again!

I find it quite difficult to come to terms with the fact that not every story in real life has the same end to the story books. I myself have had my fair share of “unhappy endings”, and personally feel that the fairytale ending we all dream of experiencing at some point in our life, is sometimes only something that we experience once, but are never really aware of it until the moment has passed. For example, the fairytale ending in a book is that the Prince & the Princess marry and live a life that has no worries or concerns for the rest of eternity. Whereas in reality, maybe the happy ending is the actual marriage, when two people are so happy and content and in love, that they say their vows and commit to each other – yes it isn’t the end of their lives or anything drastic, but it’s the end of a chapter, and the beginning of a whole new one. So maybe, we don’t appreciate that we have Happy Endings every now and again, because its just the ending of a chapter, not the whole story…
So today I thought I’d share with you, a story which is pretty tough to share. The story does have a sad ending, and sadly it seemed like the end of the story – the end of a wonderfully beautiful book. But instead of sharing the sad end to the story, I thought that the best way to approach the situation, was to tell you of how very special the actual story that lead to the sad ending, really was to me. (Does that make sense?)

Today is twelve months since a very special dog left the world. Now, to many (particularly those who have never had a pet dog), this may seem trivial. Grieving over a dog? Oh how absurd. But I don’t think it’s ridiculous at all, to grieve over someone that brought so much to my own, and many other peoples lives.

If you have followed me or any of my family members previously on social networks, you are probably very aware of whom I am speaking about. The famous hashtag #TheBigGayDog, is a way in which we used to share our wonderful friend’s life, with people across the world.

But of course, there is a name behind every character’s hashtag, and the name behind this one, is Munson.


Munson was the puppy I had been begging to have for many years. Countless powerpoint presentations, explaining why we should have a dog, were presented to my mother by a 11 year old Katy. Each presentation returned the same response, “We’re not getting a dog”. But in the Summer of 2007, something changed…

I remember it so clearly! I returned home from a week away with my dad, and in the garden I found my mom sunbathing, with a very excited puppy laying loyally by her side. And that was how I met my beautiful friend, Munson! We took hundreds of pictures with our new puppy, and each and every person that ever met him fell instantly in love with him, in the same way that we did back at the start of that Summer!



Munson was a Bullmastiff (just like our current dog Gilbert) – we absolutely love bullmastiff’s in this household. But when we say he was unique, we weren’t joking. Munson was the puppy that stood out from the crowd of fellow bullmastiffs – he was tall and lanky, but still drooled like Niagra Falls.

But as well as this, Munson was christened the Big Gay Dog, after taking such a natural approach to having his picture taken. He particularly enjoyed dressing up. From feather boa’s to cowboy hats, this was our dog, and we loved him to pieces. His unique character and ability to make any photo brilliant, made him more than just a dog – he was loved by people everywhere.

So, let’s have a look at some of his wonderful work…





I hope some of these photos have made you smile too, even if they are only a tiny handful of the thousands that are out there! You can always find hundreds of Munson online using the hashtag #TheBigGayDog!


Anyway, as you can see, Munson was different. He was loving and protective, even if he was scared of even just a fly. He had never had any health complications, and had been a very healthy dog! But in 2013, he slowly began to deteriorate. Sadly, many big dogs suffer in later life, when their stomachs flip after eating – Munson had 3 occasions of bloat, but pulled through, against all odds. But sadly, he never really returned to the full of life that we had always known. He was sleeping more, became more dopey, and suddenly out of nowhere, my puppy became an old man.

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 10.51.47


And on the 27th November 2013, on a normal school day, things sadly turned for the worst. As I said at the start, I don’t wish to dwelve into the details of his last hours, because it would simply be too difficult to recall and I want to focus more on the wonderful life that Munson had, and also gave to us all.

We all had an hour to say goodbye to him, but he knew it was time. At 5:00pm on 27th November 2013, Munson left us.






It is difficult one year on, to realise that Munson is gone. We miss him each and every day, and will certainly never let his wonderful life be forgotten. He had such a huge impact on me and my life, and there will forever be a place for him in my heart. I still cry over losing him, but will definitely never forget to smile when I look through the beautiful memories we shared.

So I just want to conclude today’s post with a thank you, to the best friend anyone could have ever asked for.

Rest in Peace Munson.
We love you.

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