The Birmingham Christmas Market

Hello and welcome to That Girl From!

So today I had no school (thank you angels!) due to a training day for the teachers, so me & Ben decided to venture into Birmingham City centre with our friend Matt, to visit the “new” library and to have a look around the Christmas Market. It only seems right to do so seeings as it is now December 1st… Let’s get festive!

The Christmas market is something that all Brummies expect every year, bringing simultaneous moaning annually. Nevertheless, it is a duty to visit the market about three times during the Christmas period. It’s a right to us. Today is the second time I have been in 2014.

The market never changes, year to year – infact, the stock is practically identical. But for some reason, no matter how much we moan about the crowds that it brings or the prices and similarity of each stock item of each stall, the German Market brings festivity and joy into Birmingham, as well as an element of magic and romance. Therefore, no matter how much we complain, we love it!

As well as this, I believe that there is no joy in visiting the market during day light hours. There is a specific waiting period until you can enjoy it to it’s full capacity, and that is, waiting until it is dark. Darkness in Birmingham means magical lights and festive cheer. Everything in Birmingham seems more magical at this time (strange?)

So before visiting the market (because it was far too light outside and we simply could not face the market in daylight), we enjoyed a tasty Subway, thanks to Ben and his generosity. Following on from then, Matthew brought us all a hot chocolate, allowing us to enjoy a good hour or so in the Starbucks in Selfridges – wonderful.

There is nothing better than quality time with friends and loved ones after all. And our hot chocolates had gold sprinkles because Selfridges is just that bit extra special!!!


Now I cannot remember what exactly I drank, but you see the hot chocolate with chocolate cream? That’s mine. It was a festive special, flavoured with almond and (was it honey?!?) – it was spectacular!

After a festive drink and chill in the centre of town, it was finally time to visit the market. We had a lovely time. There is something about walking along the market that I just love. It makes me feel very festive. The smells, the music, the sights… The atmosphere. It is simply something you cannot learn to appreciate until you have visited yourself. But it is wonderful.

That’s us all the the market… What a wonderful day!!

Finally, I wanted to take the boys up to the Secret Garden at the top of the Birmingham Library. I plan on telling you more about the new library soon, as it really is one of my favourite places right now. But to round up this blog post before I get some shut eye, I thought I should just share a last photo of me and Ben being very happy and romantic, looking over the top or Birmingham… And how very beautiful it was.


Of course, there is also this photo of Ben messing around… As per usual.


I hope you enjoyed reading a brief overview of today, and what a splendid day it was indeed! Speak to you all soon and enjoy your advent calendars!

Love Katy xx

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