A Delayed Halloween

Good evening everybody! Thanks for your continued support, I really appreciate how lovely everyone is being! 🙂

Tonight I wanted to post a quick post for you to just really keep the posts rolling! So I tried to get thinking about something to share with you, and then it hit me.

I never shared Halloween with you!

So, here is my latest post: A Delayed Halloween

Me & Ben were invited to a halloween party this year, and thankfully, it was fancy dress! As established before in prior posts, I absolutely love fancy dress. So when this Halloween party was fancy dress, we decided it would be fun to dress up! After all, it’s a bit awkward if people don’t dress up at halloween.

Me & Ben attended the party with our friend Joe, dressed in three different outfits… I went as the devil, wearing a red skater dress & devil horns, accompanied by red makeup and rough hair. It was so much fun doing my makeup, as I absolutely love how free you can be on Halloween.

Ben then asked me to do his costume. Now, up until Summer this year, Ben worked at McDonalds. So the only logical thing for him to do this Halloween, was to become a zombie halloween worker… We had so much fun with his outfit! Fake blood, face paint and a McDonald’s uniform all work brilliantly together for Halloween!



So we turned up to our Halloween party dresses as the devil and a zombie McDonald’s guy – brilliant! We had so much fun, and I absolutely loved making the costumes complete!

Sorry today has been such a short post, but I hope you’ve enjoyed my delayed halloween costume post! Speak soon,
Katy xx

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