Employment: The Experience

Today I feel the need to share my exhaustion over not having found anyone that thinks I’m suitable for a part time job, after searching for what seems like an eternity….

You see, I am applying for jobs daily, yet don’t seem to be getting anywhere. And I really can’t figure out why!

For the first time ever, I believe that some tooting of my own horn is required here. So let’s reflect.

I have really good GCSE grades. I am working at a high level of expected A level grades. And I am seeking part time employment, which allows me to work in the weekday evenings. So why is it so impossible to find anywhere that will take me?

Have I missed a memo that states that nobody should employ a girl that goes by the name of Katy? Have I gotten confused in the belief that employers are looking for hard workers? Surely my grades reflect that I am ready to learn and take on a role because I am bubbling with enthusiasm?!

At this point in the job search, when an individual has not only searched through countless job advertisements but has also dove deep into their soul, searching for an answer and questioning their capabilities, we all manage to hit that gold mine of a moment.

Maybe it’s because I don’t have a lot of experience.

And then we further question that discovery. How do I gain experience, when there is no one out there willing to let me gain any?

I regularly call local charity shops, asking if they have any space for someone to help out – they’re over run apparently, and can’t take anyone else on. I ask family members & friends, if there are any opportunities for me to work with them. They all work in professions which have no relevance to a part time Saturday job (i.e. What retail experience will I gain from sitting in one of my mum’s lectures?)

I have experience. I worked all Summer at my apprenticeship, taking calls with customers & suppliers. I regularly assist my mum in her photography duties, talking to people I have never met before, whilst helping with some of her admin work. I have worked in a primary school for a week of work experience in Year 11, learning how to work as part of a team, as well as learning how to act professionally. I have helped out at fundraising events, managing stalls – handling money, dealing with calculations. I have been studying business studies at A Level for the past 18 months, creating my own business ideas and ventures, forming business plans and promotional material whilst contacting local businesses for advice. I have participated in enterprise days at school, where we have spoken to professionals from a variety of industries and backgrounds, hearing about their work and how to act as a professional. I have been to a Channel 4 Talent Day, learning about how to present myself and be confident, as well as learning about how to work in the media. I have set up an entire art exhibition, paying attention to detail and working for 6 hours straight, lifting objects carefully and arranging them in an aesthetic fashion.

I have first hand customer experience, from visiting stores personally – I think this is pretty essential, as we all know what we want from our stores based on personal experience!

So why is my experience not beneficial, in comparison to someone else that is looking for a job at 17?

What more can I do, to gain experience, when it’s not there to be grabbed?

The sad part of this endless cycle of thought, is that maybe I just don’t look good on paper. How have I reached that conclusion? I never get interviews. Some employers take the time to email you, thanking you for your application and expressing their thanks for your application but denying your interest. Others just never get back in touch.

But I need them to get in touch. I need feedback! I need someone to tell me what it is about my application form, that pushes me away from consideration, even for just an interview. Because evidently, my writing in the application process is not portraying the interest, enthusiasm, or pure desire that I have, to work for that business. I just wish I could get an interview, so I could share that with the panel!

So today was just a nag really. How can I make my applications better? How can I get employed?!

Thanks for listening!
Speak soon,
Katy xx

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