Midweek Joys

Hello everyone! I’m pretty excited that it’s Wednesday today as I have definitely reached a point of tiredness that only an A Level student one week before breaking up for Christmas would understand…

I figured that a little update would be necessary for you all as I don’t want to start slacking in my posts…

In terms of how I am feeling, I am better than I was on Monday, but still not totally 100%. The pain is almost always present but now it’s more of a twinge, accompanied by occasional hour long excruciating pain across my stomach and back…. Nevertheless, I am seeing improvement based upon the prolonged agony that I was in on Monday, so I’m pretty chuffed that I’m improving!

I even managed to go out for a carvery this evening. I absolutely adore food (I’m pretty sure I’ve told you already) so a carvery tonight was spectacular. Gammon, veg and thick proper gravy…. Perfect. The happiness I get from a carvery is something you should never underestimate, let me assure you…

I hope you’re all doing great and hope to hear from you soon! Thanks to my new instagram, Vine & Twitter followers too, I really appreciate your follows! And a big thank you to everyone who has followed me on here, it really means a lot!

Please follow me if you haven’t already, particularly on Instagram where I have uploaded a clip of some singing this evening… Check it out!

Speak soon,
Katy xx

Insta: katylouise15
Twitter: katyspiano15
Vine: katylouise15

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