Preparing for Christmas

Christmas is my favourite time of year. When it comes to this jolly season, I am the real time version of Buddy the Elf. I sing the carols, I spread the cheer. What else would you expect!?

One of the things that I absolutely love about Christmas is the preparation stages that you have to go through before meeting the big day… Many people argue that the build up to Christmas is overworked and ruins the true magic of the day itself. I would argue different.

1) I absolutely love buying presents for people! Okay, so I don’t have a lot of money to do so, and tend to sell my soul in the approaching months to December in order to pay for Christmas presents (i sold my Joni jeans to my sister. Wow.) But the reason that I adore Christmas shopping is because of the thought that you get to put into it! It’s all well and good asking people what they want, but isn’t the point of Christmas all about finding something special that they wouldn’t even think about themselves, but suits them perfectly?

2) Decorating the house is something that you don’t get to do in the previous months of the year, so why not go all out in December!? The joy I get when I’m driving down a street and witness all of the beautiful christmas lights, literally takes me back to being a child. I think that we don’t fully appreciate how wonderful lights are at night time, because they are literally like little glimmers of hope and magic on every door step. Because at the end of the day, Christmas really does help show that there is one day in the year when millions of people join together to celebrate the same festival, and to share the same joys with one another. It shows unity and understanding more than I think any other season does. And the lights on the streets, may be a bit cheesy or overpowering at times, but I think that every bulb shows a little bit of hope for the coming union on Christmas day!

3) The adverts this year have been spectacular. My favourite must be the Sainsbury’s advert with the soldiers who played football on Christmas day. I’ve always loved the story of the soldiers stopping fighting on Christmas day and uniting temporarily over a game of football, and to see it come to life this year on television was truly something magic. I think it must be my favourite, purely for the fact that it respectfully reminds us of what we have to be grateful for this Christmas, as well as remembering those who may not be having the same Christmas day as us, because they are at war or living in poverty.

4) Finally, the food before and at Christmas is spectacular. How can you not like mince pies!? How can you not like Baileys?! How can you not like crackers, or cheese, or parsnips!? As a food lover, Christmas is the best time of year…

I hope you are all starting to feel festive this year, and are enjoying the preparations for the big day! 13 more days to go!

Katy xx

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