I don’t think I have quite addressed one of my favourites in life with the Internet yet, and believe that today is the perfect occasion as I am sipping upon one of my all time favourite drinks as we speak.

Have you tried Rubicon?
Let me tell you something about Mango Rubicon.
It’s epic.
As a drink, it beats them all. You think I’m joking?

“How absurd, a mango flavoured drink, it must get boring quick.”

You’re wrong.

To me, Rubicon is like the silver coin in the jar of coppers. It is the gem to a crown. The pearl to an oyster…

Ok so I may be slightly over exaggerating! But I genuinely adore rubicon haha! I think it’s important to share little things like my favourite drink or food, as much as it is important to share my opinion of a makeup brand. Because why should I not let you know about the wonders that are behind a can of rubicon?

If you have never tried rubicon, try some when you next see it tucked away in the supermarket fridge. Drink it cold, and prepare to have your tastebuds tickled by the refreshing mango taste and sparkly nature. And if fizz isn’t for you, buy a carton of juice! Or if mango isn’t your fave, try some passion fruit or guava! It is all lovely, I promise…..


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