Monday Night: Christmas Shopping


Hello everybody, and welcome back.. Last night, we decided that it was time to get the massive Christmas food shop out of the way, whilst also buying a new tree and decorations. The need for a new tree came around on Saturday, when I received an alarming text from Mum, explaining that our christmas tree had deteoriated in storage, leaving it without a plug and without a base. Mysterious…

We decided to get a new tree on the following Monday,  whilst also tackling the huge christmas food shop that many others will face around this time of year. However, with it being 10 days before Christmas, do you think that the Supermarket would have any trees left? No. What about the huge home store opposite – did that have any trees? No!

It is simply impossible to find an artificial tree 10 days before Christmas. We aren’t the sort of people to get a real tree either, purely because of the need to transport it home, and then the mass clean up operation it would bring into our living room, due to owning two cats & a very clumsy bullmastiff. With it just being three females in our household, an artificial tree is our only choice…

So it has now left us with no other option than to use our emergency tree. The black tree.

At one time in previous years, black christmas trees were seen to be highly fashionable and modern. But in recent years, they do not compare very highly with glistening white or blue trees, and can look a bit dull. Nevertheless, we now have our wonderfully decorated (thanks mum) tree up in the front room, covered in the emergency purchased blue lights from our Monday evening dash to the supermarket. And it looks delightful.

Christmas is finally here.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 19.14.22

Furthermore, we purchased the largest amount of food we have purchased all year, in one all round shop. The first picture I used shows the true extent of that amount of food. This is all well and good, until you realise that there needs to be somewhere to store all this food until Christmas. And with the majority of food needing to be frozen ahead of the big day, it came down to me to sort out the clearing of a freezer that had been storing lots of random pieces of meat such as bacon and burgers. After an hour of emptying the fridge & freezer, I managed (singled handedly as by this point the rest of my household had managed to slip away quietly) to put everything away. Hallelujah!

Now all that’s left to do is to get eating with all the defrosted stuff that had to be taken out of the freezer…I’m ready for some crazy meals for the next week!

Only 9 days now everybody! I hope you’re feeling festive too!

Katy xx

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