New Year: Hello

Hello & welcome back! Firstly I just want to apologise for the fact that I haven’t been in touch since Christmas Eve! I’m sure that you can appreciate how busy the Christmas period is, and how important it is to cherish the time we have with our loved ones during this season. I have genuinely not been on my mac for the entire week either, so I guess that just shows how much television I’ve watched & how many crackers I have consumed over the previous nights… So lets approach this correctly.

Happy Christmas! I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas break, and have eaten to your hearts content like I have! This year I spent christmas day at home with Mom & Molly, where we indulged in beef & pork dinners till we could no longer move. Several nights of deserts, crackers & cheese, Pringles and more, I can truly say that I have had a feast this Christmas. Me & Molly then spent Boxing Day with our dad, going to our nan & granddad’s house to indulge in yet more food…(when my nan produces a buffet, expect it to resemble a medieval feast).

I had an absolutely wonderful christmas, receiving beautiful gifts & spending time with people that truly matter to me. I’ve just returned last night back home after spending Monday-Thursday at Ben’s house too, as we decided to spend New Year together! We’ve been together since last Saturday as he stopped at mine for a few nights, so today is my first day without him in almost a week, so I’m feeling a bit lonely!

Nevertheless, we’ve had a great week and I’m so happy i have been able to spend some much needed time from my holiday with him!

I hope to be in touch again soon and really hope that you’ve had an awesome holiday! I’m back at sixth form on Monday (yuck!) but will definitely continue posting updates on Instagram of what I’m up to, so remember to follow me on there! (katylouise15)

Speak soon,

Katy xxx

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