January Snooze

Wow it’s been a busy few weeks for me! Apologies for not updating you guys on here, but I do hope that you’ve been kept ever so slightly up to date via my Instagram spam & Twitter flurries…
January is always a month of ups & downs, as we recover from the bankruptcy of christmas, prepare for the upcoming exams, and celebrate plenty of January Birthdays…

So let’s try summarise what’s been happening!

Ben turned 18!

Yes, my lovely boyfriend Ben had his 18th birthday last weekend, and is now a “mature” adult (whatever you say sweetie). It’s so strange for me to see him turn 18, because I still have to wait until MAY to do it too!
Further on from that point, Ben is hopefully arranging a birthday party for my 18th, so we’ve been pretty busy looking for a suitable venue to host it. We now have several places in mind currently and so there are decisions to be made… There’ll be more on this closer to the time!

Prior to Ben’s birthday, we celebrated an old friend’s birthday at a lovely Greek Restaurant in town.

Greek Food, sweet drinks & plenty of dancing made the night a really fun, exciting & memorable one! If you haven’t already seen my video of plate smashing on Instagram, take a look…

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YAMASSSSSSS #greeknight

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Something else I’ve been up to is I finally started recording some music in the studio last week! We have a very interesting backing so far, made from unusual choices of instrument – my knee being one of them. All will make sense in time…

We’ve also had a bit of snow! Okay so this is a little bit gutting for me, but yes, we have had, and I emphasise, “a BIT” of snow. The forecast said that I was going to have very heavy snow this week. Instead, we got a sprinkle which had gone by morning…. But at least we had a little bit of hope…

I’ve indulged in yet more McDonalds food, and we have really enjoyed the freedom of being able to jump in Ben’s car on a Saturday morning, and make it in time for the McDonald’s Breakfast we always crave! It’s a whole new world… McDonald’s whenever we like you say? Wow. Teen freedom at its best…


Ben also took me on an adventure to the pet store last weekend and I lovedddddddd it! I absolutely love pets. In fact I have a slight animal obsession. There’s nothing cuter than a fluffy little pet. Or a bird. Or a fish. Or a lizard. Or a tarantula…
Okay maybe the tarantula doesn’t float my boat.
But I love pets. I’m like a little kid in a pet store. I run around and talk to everything like its my own. I name each animal. I give each one a story. I commentate on what the fish really think. I have so much fun…

I’ve also been run off my feet amidst all this fun, revising for my mock exams next week. It’s been fun… Not.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post, and please get in touch with me, on what you want to see from me, hear from me, or even just to say hello! I love hearing from you guys so much.

Thanks for reading, enjoy your weekend!
Kate xxx

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