Thursday Jumpers & Pony Tails

Hello everybody, and what a moody Thursday it is here today in England! The weather is wet, the winds are strong, and I have to go out, bed shopping.

I’m very happy I’m going bed shopping however, as I am in desperate need of a new bed! My current bed is more of a plank of wood than a bed, and leaves me waking up like I’m 70, not 17. As part of a belated Christmas present, I have been promised a brand new bed – so that’s fabulous!

But the weather is bringing me down! It’s soaking outside. I love sitting in side with the window slightly open, breathing in the cool air when it rains as it is peaceful. But going out in it? OWCH.

So to pick myself up, I’ve chosen a wardrobe staple which I personally think will never age. A high neck jumper! Paired with basic makeup, and a cute pony tail, boots & jeans, I’m ready to face this Thunder Thursday with a cute blue jumper and my best wooly booties!


How are you styled today?

Let me know how you are and keep in touch!

Katy x

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