Tea, cake & plenty of bubbles

It’s Friday! If you’ve been working all week, thank goodness you’ve made it to the end of the week! Sadly though, I’ve been on my half term break this week, so the end of the week isn’t really welcomed too kindly because it means my break is over…

It’s strange really because I feel like I haven’t stopped for the past week – I’ve done school work and revision every single day of this break, and have been really busy in other aspects too, like yesterday was such a busy day, even though it involved shopping!
Look at my massive pile of folders. I was supposed to organise them this week, but instead they seem to still be in a heap on my desk. Sigh.

Nevertheless, yesterday was a lovely day, even though it was very busy! I got a lot done again, and even managed to finally find a comfy bed! I’m so excited to get a new bed, and can’t wait till it arrives! (MARCH 12TH GUYS!)

As a little treat for being so good this week, I had a lovely bit of TLC yesterday evening, and must say that it was done spectacularly.

A little cup of tea, 2 pink cakes, and plenty of candles lit, I enjoyed a super relaxing bubble bath and really began to chill after what has been a ‘productive week’!

I think we need to remember the importance of balancing between work and play, because if it’s all about work, you won’t enjoy yourself and will get more and more stressed! I love taking time out to have a bath or a cake (or both!), and really appreciate it when I find time to do so.

I’m highly motivated recently to work super hard to get the best grades, and believe you and me, it’s necessary to work all through the holiday if you want to do well at A Level – but remember to find that little bit of time to enjoy your bath, and enjoy your cake, and enjoy your tea!

Because we’re only human! We need a break!

I hope you all have a lovely bit of TLC this weekend, and that we can all return to work or school on Monday, feeling totally refreshed and ready to take on the week!

Katy x

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