Stress: A Levels & Plenty of Deadlines

Hi everybody, how’re you doing today?

I recorded this video briefly yesterday in an attempt to let you know how I’m feeling, but also to try and give some insight into how to cope when you start to experience stress, particularly as a student. A-Levels are super stressful, and super tough, and so it does sometimes help to just listen to what someone else has to say who is in the same boat, get things off your chest, and start the next day fresh with a new mind set and a new plan!

So I hope that you might find my video today interesting, helpful, or if you’re just interested in following what I’ up to, theres a bit of that in there too! (Hint: Barcelona Weekend?!)

On that note, here is today’s Vlog, and I hope that you enjoy it! Also please follow my Vine, Snapchat & Instagram, to keep up to date on my travels this weekend… Speak again soon and hope you are all well!

Katy xx

Instagram/Snapchat/Vine: Katylouise15

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