Hi there everybody & welcome back!

We currently have a massive heatwave in Britain, with temperatures reaching over 35 degrees Celsius, making it record-breaking heat for us Brits! And believe you and me, I am not coping!

Yes I go abroad for the sunshine and soak it all up, and moan when it’s cold and wet here at home, but when it’s THIS hot, it’s difficult to cope! When you’re abroad, you can jump in the pool or the sea, go to the bar for a cold drink, and walk round in your bikini all day long. Plus there’s air con…

But here at home, we have heavily insulated houses that literally soak up the heat, melting us all night long. So here I am, laying on my bed with a fan next to me, praying for some sleep tonight as I enter the third hot night this week!

And to make things even better, it’s my Year 13 prom tomorrow, so I am kindaaaa hoping I get a good few hours of sleep so I’m not racking up to prom half asleep tomorrow! I’ll be sharing pictures of prom I PROMise – get the pun?…

Anyways, I hope you’re enjoying the heat if you’ve got it, of enjoying whatever weather you universe has in store for you! Speak again soon and I hope you are well!

Oh and I had my first driving lesson FINALLY on Tuesday morning guys! Yep, I caught in fairly quickly, even though I kinda weaved through the main roads as my steering needs a fair bit of improvement… I’ll let you know how it goes on my second session next Tuesday!

Katy xx

Chanel Shades feat cheap bargain bin hat😎

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