No Caffeine: is it a good move?

Good morning lovelies & welcome back!

So this week I decided it was time to ditch my beloved cup of tea and have a break, after I found myself feeling really run down all the time and dehydrated because all I was drinking each day was hot cups of tea! In a heatwave, you particularly need to be aware of fluid intake, so I realised that my obsessive volume of tea everyday needed to go on a break:(

Now as you may or may not know, I thankfully really enjoy green tea! So I switched!

For the past 5 days, all I have been drinking is plenty of water & green tea (with the odd slip of a cold glass of lemonade & lager yesterday afternoon, when me & my mom thought we were going to melt away….)

But the real question is: has it worked?

Well, I am still fighting off the need for a cup of tea in the morning every day, but once I drink my green tea the need for such a beverage does calm down immensely – this is because I always have a cup of tea in the morning, so it’s more habit! But I’ve managed to stay away from the cuppa all week!

My skin is looking so much better and I am feeling more alert during the day, even if the heat is making me a bit dozey in the afternoon. But the best thing I’ve noticed, is I am actually sleeping through the night a lot better! Since finishing school, i found myself getting up really early and being tired all day, then not sleeping all night and constantly being disturbed. I still have been tossing and turning a fair bit these last few nights due to having to switch pillow or drink some water (because it is HOT), but I do think the switch has helped me with my skin & sleeping! Brilliant!

To increase the hopeful effectiveness of my switch, I have increased the amount of greens and good food in eating, sticking to large plates of salad accompanied with mackerel & salmon, whilst also doing some cardio when I can (CONFESS: not been working out for the past two days due to not coping in the HEAT)

Let me know if you’ve made the switch and how it may or may not have benefited you! I’m off to start preparing for PROM tonight, so I’m sending you all lots of love and best wishes!
Katy xx


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