Waist Training: Follow My Diary

Hi everyone! I’ve seen a lot of ‘hype’ on the internet over the past few months on ‘waist training’ after the Kardashian’s have managed to promote it so widely, crediting the trend for their luscious curves through plenty o’ Instagram selfies. So, like any keen to improve teen, I thought it might be fun to try one out and let you know my honest opinions on the trend…

Likewise, I’ve been looking for some sort of support for my back for some time now as I suffer with terrible posture (biggest insecurity ever) whilst also having terrible back pain. I’ve always been encouraged to improve my core muscles, and I’ve heard that waist training “forces” you upright and so should (theoretically) help build the muscles in your lower back.

So why not try it?


I arrived home from work today to be greeted by my cute little package from Waist Train UK, where I found my waist trainer (woo!) I’m currently sitting in it comfortably as I type, and have not really struggled with it at all since putting it on! I like the support and do feel more upright, and don’t feel at all strained. The only problem I’ve had is doing it up, which is difficult to do alone and so does require an assistant! My sister happily tied me up, starting on the loosest hook – it was a little bit hard to do at first, but once you pass the third hook it becomes much easier.

For £25, this is the cheapest trainer I could find to be ‘genuine’ online, and stumbled across it thanks to a carefully placed Facebook ad – thanks Facebook (y)

I will keep you posted on my use of the garment over the coming days, and hope to have some more opinions as I move on…

Speak again soon!

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