Waist Training Waiting..

Howdy people of the internet! I’m wishing you all the best on this ‘fine’ Sunday evening, with ‘fine’ being a pleasant way of describing any Sunday evening as they are never ‘fine’ because it is Monday tomorrow! But alas, I hope you are all well & have had a fantastic weekend.

Waist Training

I have been trying out my waist trainer over the past week to try and see what it’s like and finally have a small bit of feedback in terms of how I’m finding it rather than having any results to share with you as I haven’t been TOO regular with it and so am still adjusting…

  1. You must adjust to this garment. There is no quick & easy way around it no matter how tough you believe you may be – the garment should not be used as an immediate, permanent addition to your everyday life because it encourages muscles to start working when they may have been asleep for so many years and you haven’t even noticed!

Don’t believe me? I tried my luck with the waist trainer on Friday, thinking ‘how hard could it be?’ to wear it to work after only managing to wear it for around an hour at a time at home, and found myself encountering issues with it within the second hour…

I started wearing my trainer at around 8:00 in the morning, putting it on underneath my clothes. My bus journey into work was absolutely fine, and I felt my posture had certainly improved whilst wearing it as I was forced upright by the garment. When I got into work at 9, I was still comfortable, particularly when walking. When sitting, I wasn’t exactly uncomfortable, but it did become a bit annoying because I felt like I was constantly adjusting myself because it would slip a little. Nevertheless, I felt pretty good!

However, by the time it hit 10:30ish, I started to feel a little bit achey… I decided to take it off at this point because I didn’t want to set myself back a few days and end up with a spell of back ache, so I went and took it off.

The discomfort I experienced was in the top of my back, feeling terrible achey in my shoulders and neck, and I can only say that this is because I pushed my muscles too far too quickly! So I’m taking it easy now and going back to small periods of time to adjust!


I’ll keep you posted but if you’re starting off too, Don’t push yourself!


Katy x




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