Happy 2016!

Hello to you and welcome back! I haven’t spoken to you since last year! 😉

I firstly want to wish each and every one of you a happy new year, and hope that your Christmas and new year celebrations were filled with joy. I had a wonderful break over the holidays, and hope you all did too!

I cannot believe that it is 2016! I hope this year brings many new chapters into my life following on from the successes of 2015…

To start, I have my first law exam TOMORROW MORNING, so I’ve been pretty busy with revision lately. Nevertheless, I do enjoy learning new things and find it extremely encouraging to see what hard work has done for me in past examinations, hence why it’s okay to revise even if it is mind numingly boring!

Ben turns 19 next Monday, but firstly he will have his army selection weekend – I’m so very proud of him for his ambitions and for making it through to selection; and although it’s difficult to always smile when he talks about how excited he is to join the army, I know it’s what he wants and that I could never limit his dreams just because of my own worry! He will make an amazing soldier.

Molly turns 21 in February, so I am in charge of “planning” for making it a birthday to remember! This has involved booking a weekend away in March for myself and Molly to get up to wonderful things, as well as planning other things (I’ll let you know in Feb!)

Molly is also going through the process of UCAS this year to study at university, and already has an interview at one of her chosen interviews in February, so again, I’m very proud!

And as always, my mom will be up to more wonderful and weird things this year, and I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings her!

So bring on 2016!

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Love from Katy xxx

Makeup details: do you want to know them?! Let me know if you want to see a few makeup blogs/vlogs from me, and I’ll deliver!

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