Getting in order: Exams & Sports Bras

(In a while crocodile… How long has it been since I posted?!)

Hi everyone and welcome back; I hope you’re all super well and like myself, have began to vacate your little hole of hibernation to welcome the occasional summer blasts that the British Isles graces us with – a few more would be appreciated!

I’ve been super busy lately with work and preparing for my land law exam and time just seems to be getting away from me – it’s nearly June, can you believe it?

So, incase you haven’t got me on Instagram, Twitter or snapchat, I figured I’d give you a brief little overview on the past few weeks…

The Weekend before the Last one (and this one…) 

I went to London with Molly (again!)

After our last trip ending in food poisoning (did I tell you about that?!) I promised molly we would return to carry out our shopping trip that we had originally planned but never managed to conduct (sorry!)

So when work were paying for my transport to a revision day in London City Centre, I decided, what better opportunity, than to stay the night with Molly and shop the following day! The weather was AMAZING – we felt as though we were abroad, walking round London sweating in our shorts. It was fantastic and I’m so glad we went back (and spent sooooo much money)…

The weekend before this one (Last weekend?)

BEN CAME HOME! *screams* for the weekend….

YES! 6 weeks without my Bestfriend and love of my life, and he FINALLY came home for a few days. I was over the moon.

The past few weeks have been particularly difficult too with circumstances at home and losing my grandad, so it really has been a vile time to send Ben off to training. But I guess it made it all the more satisfying to spend an entire weekend with him and I am so glad he is doing so well! Now just 8 more weeks…

This Tuesday

I turned 19!

I had a wonderful birthday, spending the afternoon away from work on a team away day playing laser quest and bowling – what a way to celebrate your birthday! Then I had a nice quiet takeaway night at home – perfect. Spoilt rotten too!

Wednesday (I told you I’d been busy!)

I PASSED MY THEORY TEST! Not much to say on this one. But yeah. They say me rolling.

ANYWAY. Now you are up to date (I think), I just wanted to let you know how busy I am revising for my land law exam lately – the exam is on 15th June and I’m super worried so I’m getting my head down and working hard! I can do this!

I’m also (starting tomorrow I promise) attempting to tone up and lose some of my winter gains (otherwise known as cream cakes…)

So I hope to be keeping you posted on my progress and would love to hear from you if you’re doing the same, as a little bit of motivation from you to me!

So let’s of this guys. Work hard, play harder (and revise even more!)

Speak again soon beauties!

Katy xx

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