My first Birchbox

Hello beauties. Tonight I finally signed up for my first ever Birchbox. The advertisements were too tempting! So I’ve taken the plunge.

I really hope to be able to let you know how I feel about the products I’m getting and would love to hear from you too with your opinions! If you haven’t already signed up for a box and joined the hype, my personal referral link is:

(I hear you’ll get £5 store credit if you use the link!)
I’m really excited for my first box to arrive and can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Love Katy xx

6 thoughts on “My first Birchbox

  1. That sounds so cool! So they just send you an array of beauty products for about £12? No catch?
    Of course something that great wouldn’t be available over here. Sigh.

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      1. Nigeria in Africa. So nope to any forms of shipping. But wow you’re so lucky! That would be perfect for me because I’m yet to find the perfect brand and I’m always having to buy new products and use them till they finish even if they don’t work. It’s so annoying.

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  2. Oh what a shame! I tried to have a look for you and there was a company called boonbox that a few people reviewed for Nigeria, but I can’t see that they are still doing them! Let me know if you find any alternatives! X


  3. I have also found something called which j think delivers to Nigeria! Not tried either myself so can’t really advise anything but just for you to look into!


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