Yellow raincoat

Where did summer go?! Happy Autumn everybody!

I absolutely love the next few months, whilst also hating them a little too. It is a balance between getting soaked with rain and snow on the way into work, and watching the rain and snow from a cosy warm house out of the window.

Likewise, we have all the fun celebrations coming up – Halloween, Bonfire night, and most importantly (I’m already buzzing), CHRISTMAS.

But for now, we are in the autumnal season, watching the leaves fall and the temperature begin to slowly drop. So what more could you need in this golden season, than a yellow raincoat!

I had been debating getting a yellow raincoat for a while, constantly changing between “do I have the confidence to wear it?” And “I love it!” This battle continued from around Februarh through to July, when I finally took the plunge…

I had been looking at a variety of styles, particularly the Topshop version, hitting the bank at £55…(I thought it was a little steep!) But then I discovered that my all time faves, Boohoo, had released a couple of raincoats and of course they had a yellow one, and for a much better price of £40. Bargain.

So here it is, a little ray of sunshine on a rainy day. And it is just, so, cute!

Today I am styling it with smart black trousers and this beautiful new Boohoo top which features a cold shoulder (which I don’t usually manage to pull off!) for a day in the office.

I styled it the other week with a black and white striped high neck and jeans for a chilled Friday at work. Cute.

Hope you’re all doing well, speak again soon!

Katy x

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