Leaving for University: How to NOT be Forgotten

After months of shopping for pillows and fairy lights and duvet covers and ornaments and stationery and folders and notepads and kitchen equipment and cups and glasses and door stops and… everything that Molly could possibly imagine… the time finally arrived.

My big sister Molly, left home, to attend… Hertfordshire University.

I’ll write a little more over the coming weeks about adjusting to when people leave for university, seeings as all of my friends, and now my sister, have left the depths of Birmingham to attend universities around the country… Cry cry.

But for today’s post,  I wanted to share with you something that Molly did secretly before leaving on Saturday, showing a hilarious way of making sure that you are not forgotten when you move away from home…

How to NOT be forgotten…

Me and mom arrived back home at 11pm on Saturday night after a super long journey home (thanks to M1 traffic. Ugh.) and were greeted by Molly’s little surprise. It certainly had us laughing. But what did she do?

She did this.


A photograph on the front door…


And a couple on the stairs…

A selection on the doors…


Even a couple in the bathroom. Yes. ‘Have a nice wee’. And yes. Comical photographs of myself are currently plastered on the bathroom door…

A few photos dotted around the kitchen…

14456905_10154452323248548_711536803_o14455943_10154452323188548_384307572_oAnd she even made it into the freezer and the fridge…

On the mirrors, above the light switches and even on the fireplace…14488944_10154452323413548_223290983_oOh, and lets not forget a helpful reminder in cat HQ…

But the one that really surprised me? The one that I missed and found a little bit later than the rest?

14453888_10154452361383548_909189531_oThe one on the ceiling, above my bed.


I hope you enjoyed Molly’s little arrangement as much as we did! It’s a little strange without Molly here but I’m sure i’ll adjust soon enough… Speak again soon lovelies!

Katy xx

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