Day of the Girl

Today is Day of the Girl, a day dedicated to raising awareness of the struggles girls across the world may face. 

Whether it is challenges with getting an education or healthcare, being subject to harassment or not having equal opportunities, Day of the Girl aims to show that each and every female is empowered and has the capability to be powerful!

This years theme is “Girls’ Progress = Goals’ Progress”. And what does that mean?

It means that a girl’s progress is just as important and infulential as a boy’s progress! It means that if we do good, the world will do good too!

So in spirit of World Girl Day, lets aim to make progress today. Whether that means you tackle an assignment you’ve been putting off, go for a run and beat your personal best or even research empowering women so that you can be inspired, lets make today happen.

Use hashtag #DayOfTheGirl to help raise awareness and inspire others today, and make sure to check out for all the details on a day dedicated to inspiring girls across the world and reminding them of their power in society! 

Let’s look for new opportunities… Let us go and explore the world…Show off your creativity! Express it!and WORK HARD. Whether you’re at uni or training in a job, lets do this ladies.
Katy xx

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