10 Reasons I Love Boohoo

Today Boohoo turns 10 YEARS OLD! So what better what better way to celebrate this milestone than to have a quick 10 things I LOVE about Boohoo?

1. Boohoo are always on trend. And if you aren’t sure what the trends are, Boohoo will tell you via Stylefix all about how to get yourself on trend. They are our trend supervisors.

2. Boohoo are creative! I absolutely loved the Boohoo offices because they OOZE creativity. Whether it is via the people or in the decor, Boohoo is funky.

3. Amazingly affordable – yes! Boohoo is one of my favourite brands because I can actually afford to shop there, and for great quality items too!

4. They have wicked advertisement campaigns. Not much to be said here except, wouldn’t you love to be in the adverts?! Me too! They are beustifully filmed and I always get excited for a new launch.

5. The customer service team are exceptional.  Tweet @Boohoo and you’ll get a response as quickly as they can get to you. And you’ll probably hear exactly what you need to hear, because the customer service team have magic at their fingertips to solve any issues…

6. The content team are amazing. Have you seen how beautiful Boohoo.com really is? It is a buzz of energy, making your shopping experience as enjoyable as possible. And that is all down to the amazing team at Boohoo working hard every single day to make us happy.

7. There is always something new. Boohoo get so many new pieces every week that you’re guaranteed to find something you like. Or love in most cases.

8. Boohoo social media is legit awesome. Follow them on Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram for amazing content every day. I love following Boohoo because they’re always up to something cool – well jealous.

9. Boohoo engage with their customers. It’s like having a group of friends when you talk about Boohoo. I love seeing reposts on Instagram of everybody’s #MyBoohooStyle. Sass queens everywhere.

10. And finally, Boohoo is 10! That means they’re just as young and enthusiastic as the rest of us! A big happy family!

Have a great day everybody!


Katy xx

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