Meet Horace 

So, I have some news. The sort of news that is wrapped up in fur and has big floppy ears.

My pet family has expanded. Meet my little friend… HORACE WIMP!Horace is a bunny rabbit, not a big ball of fur, I promise. He is suitably named after a song by Electric Light Orchestra – The Diary of Horace Wimp… because he is mumblin’ and a fumblin…

He is a lion lop bunny, which means he is super fluffy because of his lionhead roots, but has cute floppy ears from his lop ancestors… cool.

He is the cutest little friend out there, and adores cuddles – he particularly likes to fall asleep with Ben, sitting himself on his shoulder like a parrot! I absolutely adore my latest addition (he’s only a baby too, 9 weeks old yesterday!) and I hope you love him too. Plenty more Horace updates to come – but for now, let’s start our Wednesday with a little bit of this…

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