National Stress Awareness Day

Today is National Stress Awareness Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness of stress, a topic we are probably all very familiar with…

Whether you have exam stress, work stress, or even stress at home – stress is something that can affect us all, and really needs to be managed in order that our mental and physical health can be in tip top shape!

The International Stress Management Association (ISMA)  promote stress prevention and wellbeing, so today is all thanks to them for looking out for us – thanks ISMA!

This years theme is particularly centred around “Workforce Wellness” in an attempt to help businesses acknowledge how employees may be experiencing stress and how to help overcome it for an overall healthier and productive workforce. 

But don’t let that stop you from putting a few of the below points into action, even if your stress is not from work. Stress can come from many areas in our lives, so in spirit of today, let’s manage it!

So what do ISMA suggest for stress free living?

1. Put yourself first! – let’s be a little selfish, but in a good way…if someone asks you to do something and you PHYSICALLY have no capacity because you’ve already agreed to do something for someone else on top of your own workload, tell them. Don’t be rude, but let them know that you are actually pretty tied down right now and you’ll let them know later if you can pick it up. Think about your own needs first. 

Also, eat some good good tonight, and drink lots of water. You’re your own fuel tank, so keep it full and you’ll find you can work so much better.

2. Prioritise tasks – I absolutely adore writing lists. There is nothing more satisfactory than ticking off tasks on a list at work. Keeping priorities allows you to effectively plan and manage workload so that nothing goes missed. Write a list (it’s an excuse for a new notepad too..)

3. Find time to Relax – take a bubble bath, get a sketch pad, go for a walk. Whatever it is that relaxes you, take a little time out of your day to do it. 

4. Empathise with others – this is all about listening to others. Who knows, maybe your friend is having the exact same dress that you have? Talk to each other and let it all out!

5. Start to live life to the full – this point made me laugh because I can’t tell you to book a trip to travel around the world, or bunjee jump off a mountain “for the thrill”… but I can tell you to find your ambitions! Have something you want to thrive towards and aim high. Ambition comes with passion, the best mental fuel out there. Live your life to the full by aiming for your goals.

6. Stop ignoring your needs – don’t skip lunch because you have too much to do. Don’t work through the night on an essay because it is due in the next day. You need a break, you need rest. If you ignore your needs, you’ll end up burning yourself out which is just a whole lotta additional stress that you don’t need. Listen to your head and be sensible.

7. Stop getting distracted – oh Aunty Procrastinate, how I adore and hate you all in the same second. Try and ignore her when you’re working and you’ll find you get tasks completely much more quickly because you’re actually focused on completing them. You can doodle in your break.

8. Don’t allow others to make you feel inferior – BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! You are a strong and independent individual that shouldn’t be getting put down by someone that is a little unsure of them self. Ignore hate and focus on loving yourself.

9. Stop being judgemental – accept your flaws, accept your friend’s flaws. Nobody is perfect, and you’re not Judge Rinder (even though you totally want to be). 

10. Stop avoiding the things you least want to do – I get all the boring tasks of my day done as quickly as possible. Do something boring followed by something fun. Don’t leave the least interesting tasks till last because you still needs to do them, so why not do them when you’re a little more awake?

I hope you enjoyed today’s post guys, enjoy your stress free day! I can hear a bubble bath, cup of tea, my duvet and a Disney film calling me this evening…

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