Let’s say thanks…

Our friends in the USA are celebrating thanksgiving today; a day dedicated to being super thankful for every opportunity & person in the most important thing to be thankful for – our everyday lives!

So whilst our lovely friends across the pond tuck into turkey and treats, why don’t we look at what we’re thankful for today? 

1. The people

People shape our lives in a way that simply cannot be explained! Whether it is someone you work with, a family member, or even someone you walk past in the street, isn’t it amazing how one person can completely change your mood?

When feeling thankful today, let’s give that lady crossing the road opposite you a big smile. Or let’s even say hi to your co-worker at the printer. It’s the little things – they’ll be thankful for your attention!

2. The opportunities 

We are living in a society where opportunities are round every corner. We just need to look for them!

Whether you’re studying at university, training in a job or looking after someone that needs you – think about the impact that your opportunity will have on your life, or even on somebody else’s. Remember that opportunities are amazing little pieces of dynamite along a chain of dominos – hit the right one, and you’ll make a massive impact.

So when you’re feeling thankful today, be grateful for every opportunity you have been fortunate enough to experience, as well as considering how many more are out there waiting for you to find!

3.The daily life

I guess this is what it all comes down to when we’re reflecting today. People are shaping us, and so are our opportunities – so yeah, we totally need to be thankful for them! But don’t forget the most important thing to be thankful for – your daily life.

Getting up every morning and being able to meet these people and find these opportunities, is the biggest gift we have. 

Appreciating your daily life on a daily basis will make it all the more easier to meet the right people and find the best opportunities, because a grateful person is a beautiful person, and beautiful people attract the most positive vibes!

So let’s say thank you today, for whatever it may be. Let’s become our most beautiful self, and appreciate every ounce of kindness and opportunity that we can grab. 

But most importantly, let’s be thankful for our imagination and ability to be dreamers – lets live the life we imagine!

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