Oh my goodness – CEREAL?

Oh my goodness. I have been so busy recently that I have completely neglected my little space on the internet, and I am so sorry 😦 Even my Instagram and Twitter have gone pretty quiet… yet I’ve been so busy!

I figured that a good way to break the silence would be to share a picture of the amazing lunch that I had yesterday, with you… “But Katy, that looks like a bowl of cereal?”

Yes! It is! But it is a cereal cocktail from my new favourite quirky corner of Birmingham, the Cereal Killer Cafe.
My cocktail was suitably named “sticky monkey” which involved whipped cream, broken digestives, toffee crisp, toffee sauce and sliced banana, all served together with a bottle of banana milk. A monkey’s dream.

I then washed it down with a peanut butter stacked hot chocolate – a chocolately heaven.

The store is super quirky and serves all sorts of cereals with plenty of wonderful combinations to try… I was in my element!

P.s. I hope you are all having a wonderful time in the run up to Christmas!

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