Furry friends & bye byes

After 3 weeks of having Molly and Ben at home, the day has officially arrived for them to go back down south and proceed with their day to day lives, leaving me ready to see them at weekends or in a matter of weeks. Sigh. 

It really shouldn’t be as big as a deal as it feels every time they go, because I know I will see Ben at the weeekend and Molly is only going for a week before she comes back home for a week again – but it’s the concept of it all I guess. 

I just miss sitting in the kitchen with my sister in the evenings after work, chatting absolute rubbish over a cup of tea. And I miss having someone to cuddle up to in bed and telling me funny jokes and stories just to see me laugh. Sigh.

But hey ho, people don’t always have to be together to be happy together! It just makes things easier sometimes… but who said we didn’t like a challenge eh?

In the meantime, me and my fur babies will be having plenty more cuddles to compensate for the absence of my sister and boyfriend this week – and oh how beautiful they are! Here’s #HoraceTheBunnyRabbit and #GilbertTheBullmastiff looking gorgeous!

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