2nd April 2017 – 1 Year On

Last year, on 2nd April 2016, my granddad passed away.

My heart broke, and I learned that the universe has this horrific way of reminding  you that not everything lasts forever.

The anniversary of this date has been playing on my mind for some time now and I don’t really know how I will feel on the actual date, so I thought it would be best to write this post a few weeks in advance; today is 19th March, FYI!

I do however, know one thing for sure… I don’t want 2nd April 2017 to be a sad day. And that is why I am writing this post. Let me explain.

My granddad was a very strong man, and never wanted me to see him upset or unwell. He protected and sheltered me from his illness, and for that I loved him all the more preciously. He never wanted his grandchildren or family to worry about him – he just wanted to see us all happy.

I want him to know that the only memories I have of him are ones filled with happiness. And I know that he will be looking down on me today, just that little bit more. 

So, I want 2nd April 2017 to be a day full of happiness, to remember my granddad and the happiness we shared. I don’t want it to be a day of remembering his death, because that’s not how I want to remember my granddad, and it certainly isn’t how he would want to be remembered either!

Yes, I will likely cry on this date, as I have done since his death. But not because of the memory of what happened on 2nd April 2016 – I cry because of the sadness that the memories we had are now only in the past, and that we won’t have any more in the future. I cry because I miss my granddad.

I wanted to share this with you, because I want a team effort to send lots of love and smiles up to my granddad today. In his memory, please take the time to smile today. Take a moment to be grateful for everyone you have in your life, whether they are still with you or not. I am so grateful for my family, and I am so grateful to have had nearly 19 years with my granddad in my life.

Please have a lovely day everybody, and thank you for your smiles today.



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