When Gilbert Met Lola… and Max

Happy Sunday one and all, are you feeling a little chilly too?

Storm Brian has well and truly dampened my mood this weekend and I’m really struggling to warm up – but one thing truly warmed my heart in this stormy weather… Figured it out yet?

22548604_10155693302983548_3812655621400598918_o.jpgGilbert had a play date! 

Gilbert met Max & Lola yesterday, two Dogue de Bordeaux’s that our friend has recently rescued. And aren’t they beautiful!

I was super nervous about Gilbert meeting two big dogs as I’m always a little frightened that, as a big dog himself, if they didn’t get along, it would be a very difficult situation to resolve. But as always, my beautiful, friendly pooch didn’t let me down. The dogs all bonded instantly, running through the fields as though they were long lost relatives, finally united. Max and Lola are super friendly too and I already love them to bits.

It was beautiful to watch Gilbert playing with two dogs his size (I’m normally only used to him playing with Hector, and he’s a jack russel!) and I’m extremely excited for them all to have another play date next weekend!

And on that note…roll on Monday???


P.s. if you aren’t already, make sure to follow Gilbert on Instagram! He’ll be the most handsome being on your feed in no time #GilbertTheBullmastiff


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