Blogging By The Numbers 

What is blogging by the numbers and is it something that we should all be aiming to distance ourselves from, or move towards?

Blogging By The Numbers is, to me, blogging only to gain followers. Whether that be on Instagram, Twitter or even your blog – it’s the idea that the material you are creating is simply for an increase in the follower count – and yes, it should most definitely be avoided!

A Young Blogger

When I initially started previous blogs (blogs that failed; started when I was back at school…little 12 year old Kate that thought she could provide interesting content for the world…) my initial ideas were based on “I’ll google it”. I used to google things like “Popular blog ideas” and “Blog Post Titles” and create content based on the generic google finds. I wasn’t creating creative content because the stem of the content was from somebody else’s brain that I would simply manipulate and pretend I had a clue about what I was going on about! I was creating material for the sake of it, for the sake of gaining a following.

A Clueless Young Katy

A Better Blogger
Instead, I now write when I want to. I post when I want to. I tweet (rarely, I must say) when I want to. I’m not aiming to gain followers anymore, I’m just creating that time capsule I mentioned in my previous post – a memory feed so to speak! That doesn’t mean I’m a good Blogger, but it certainly makes me a better one! Tailor your content to how you want it – ask for suggestions by any means (I love hearing from you, it drives me to create more of the stuff I love when I know you love it too!) but don’t blog aimlessly with the only hope being that your follower count boosts. If it does, great! But know it did because you blogged about something you enjoyed that other people enjoyed too. 

Speak again soon!


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