We’re going full Princess Diaries on… My site is having a makeover!

The Aim 

I decided that I want my site to be cleaner and easier to navigate – a new logo & design have been put in place and I really hope you like it!


Part of the process is to make it easier to use my site and easier to design content based on the four main categories my posts relate to – Lifestyle, Style, Beauty and FOOD! To make it easier for you, you can now filter blog posts based on their category via the menu…

(But as I say, it’s still a working progress so not everything will be there just yet… there are over 100 posts for me to tag up!)

This is also helpful for me to start giving you more tailored content – so now you can let me know what type of post you want to see more of!

The Logo

Oh my goodness – what a nightmare this has been! There have been plenty of logos featured at the top of my blog… my most recent being the below:I loved the banner effect and tried to replicate it with my cleaner look, but it didn’t really work out very well. I felt like it made my blog look crowded and took over the focus of my homepage. Regardless of that, I still love this design and it will crop up in later content, I am sure!

So after abandoning banners I decided to go back to my aim – a clean design. So I played a little with fonts and colours and went through the motions with a few different designs, the two final being:I decided I like the one without the box; the box felt a little too restricted! So I’ve ended up with the design currently in place – hope you like it (it will probably change by tomorrow knowing me…) – I’m also finding that the graphics quality is decreasing as I upload so I’m trying to work on that.
The Layout

One of my biggest aims is to bring my content together simultaneously on this site. I wanted my Instagram feed to feature so that even if I go quiet with content, my Instagram feed can still keep you up to date. I also wanted my blog to work on multiple platforms – previously, when the site was accessed on a phone it would look terrible compared to desktop! The post titles would be all over the place and it was a mess. So hopefully this new design will work across all viewing platforms.

What is next?

When I eventually finish tagging up posts, fiddling with the layout and changing the colours of buttons, the next step is to make my little space again. I love interacting with you and posting about my life – I am a strong believer in social media and use it to document my life because I adore looking back and remembering things I had completely forgotten about, reading how excited I was when it happened. There is nothing better than a blog – it becomes your very own time capsule. is my project and I am very proud that it is still going; no matter how many times I go for weeks without posting, it waits for me to post again and I love it. So I’m giving it some attention.

Speak again soon!


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