Bowling/Mini Golf Champion

I would be the title of this post if I had actually managed to win against Ben… but I failed. The kind of fail where you crash and burn and don’t even have the slightest chance of recovery…

I had a perfect week with Ben last week, with two days off work to do whatever the hell we wanted. Ben planned a day out for us to include bowling, mini golf and an epic Pizza Hut meal deal – it was a perfect day! Although as stated, I failed terribly at both “sports” and Ben was the champion of champions, again (sigh…)

I’ve been banging on about wanting to play mini golf for the past year so I was chuffed to finally be able to give it a go – maybe we’ll have to go again and I’ll have a better chance at success? 🙂

Our week also included a trip to the NOW OPEN German Market in Birmingham, some time volunteering at the local dog shelter and an engagement party, accompanied by my wonderful sister Molly – all in all, what a wonderful few days (oh, and that’s not to mention all the food we have eaten…)

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend and your Monday wasn’t *too* Mondayish… let Tuesday commence!

Now, a few photos from the past few days…

German Market 

Bowling/Mini Golf Day (WITH PIZZA)


Engagement Party

Sunday Summary…​

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