Snow Day Saturday

If you haven’t already heard (I’d be very surprised if this is the case considering it is the only story that seems to have been reported in the news this week!), the ‘Beast From The East’ and ‘Storm Emma’ gave us plenty of snow this week at home, with the snow finally settling in Birmingham and causing plenty of disruption from Thursday onwards – perfectly timed to destroy any plans for the weekend (BOO YOU SNOW!)

But with every snow filled cloud is a silver lining, right? The snow, albeit disruptive, gave way to beautiful landscapes yesterday, so it was only fair to go and have a few snow wonderland photographs to remember the occasion…

I absolutely loved having these photos taken as I finally had a chance to show off my beautiful Jack Wills coat that I picked up in the January sales, as well as the photos giving me a TINY confidence boost during a period where my skin appears to be reverting back to a bad place… great. I hope you like the photographs and that you are all safely tucked into your duvets at home enjoying the disruption that the snow can cause, because after all, when is a more reasonable time to bulk watch 3 seasons on Netflix than when there is a storm outside?


P.s. If you love the photos, check out my Mom via instagram – @littlewinglost – for plenty more photographs!

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