Writers Block

I’ve had writers block for 4 YEARS – when I was at school, I would write songs like I would breathe, all day every day without an issue (except for maybe on a flight of stairs…. lol.)

But for the past 4 years, everything I have tried to write has been scrapped, I haven’t connected with anything in so long and it has been an extremely frustrating process.

So after a day in the sun on Saturday, I was a little shocked to find myself scrawling a few lyrics down into my iPhone notes, and the next thing I know, I’m at my piano. I finally wrote a new song!

I decided to record it into GarageBand to prevent the inevitable “I hate this” feeling, as I’m such a perfectionist that I end up recording a song 10,000 times before I’m even the slightest bit happy with it for posting, and then end up fed up with the song.

The song is called “Breathe” and is all about the dreamers, the people that want to do absolutely everything at every single second but having so much you want to do can drive you a little mad. As a creative, I’m an excessive dreamer, and trying to stay focussed on one thing is so difficult when your head is coming up with 10 million more a day….

 I really hope you like this song, I really connect with it and hope you do too.


Katy xx

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