4 Year Anniversay

Hi lovelies! Can you believe it? Me & Ben have been together for 4 YEARS!

 To celebrate, I ‘surprised’ Ben with a weekend away for in his favourite seaside town, Great Yarmouth!

You might remember from previous posts, that Ben surprised me for our 2 year anniversary with a trip to Harry Potter world – I literally had no idea where I was going until we pulled up at the studios… so we decided that it was my turn to try and pull off a surprise…

So, I planned a visit to Great Yarmouth, staying at a beautiful 4 star hotel with a sea front room! All Ben knew was that we were going away for the weekend. I kept it a secret for over a month! 

UNFORTUNATELY, the night before we were due to go, my Apple Maps kindly announced out loud (I was checking the route!) “Starting route to Great Yarmouth”… Ben obviously heard, didn’t he?

Nevertheless, he was chuffed, and we had an awesome weekend! The sun came out from under its dark British cloud, and we spent the weekend relaxing with plenty of fish & chips and ice cream. The hotel was amazing too!

Happy 4 Years xxx

2nd April 2017 – 1 Year On

Last year, on 2nd April 2016, my granddad passed away.

My heart broke, and I learned that the universe has this horrific way of reminding  you that not everything lasts forever.

The anniversary of this date has been playing on my mind for some time now and I don’t really know how I will feel on the actual date, so I thought it would be best to write this post a few weeks in advance; today is 19th March, FYI!

I do however, know one thing for sure… I don’t want 2nd April 2017 to be a sad day. And that is why I am writing this post. Let me explain.

My granddad was a very strong man, and never wanted me to see him upset or unwell. He protected and sheltered me from his illness, and for that I loved him all the more preciously. He never wanted his grandchildren or family to worry about him – he just wanted to see us all happy.

I want him to know that the only memories I have of him are ones filled with happiness. And I know that he will be looking down on me today, just that little bit more. 

So, I want 2nd April 2017 to be a day full of happiness, to remember my granddad and the happiness we shared. I don’t want it to be a day of remembering his death, because that’s not how I want to remember my granddad, and it certainly isn’t how he would want to be remembered either!

Yes, I will likely cry on this date, as I have done since his death. But not because of the memory of what happened on 2nd April 2016 – I cry because of the sadness that the memories we had are now only in the past, and that we won’t have any more in the future. I cry because I miss my granddad.

I wanted to share this with you, because I want a team effort to send lots of love and smiles up to my granddad today. In his memory, please take the time to smile today. Take a moment to be grateful for everyone you have in your life, whether they are still with you or not. I am so grateful for my family, and I am so grateful to have had nearly 19 years with my granddad in my life.

Please have a lovely day everybody, and thank you for your smiles today.



Bye Bye Winter!

Springtime weather is definitely on its way and I am totally ready for everything that spring has to offer! But as the dark, cold winter days draw to an end, wouldn’t it be nice to take advantage of a few last minute treats that only winter really offers?  The cold season really isn’t all that bad… so here’s a list of things to do to make the most of the last few weeks of the cold weather!


  1. Cosy Movie Day

You can have a movie day anytime of the year, but isn’t it just all the more cosy when the rain is falling outside your window, whilst you are safely cocooned in a duvet with your favourite film playing and a box of chocolates within arm’s length? Let’s grab our duvets and dedicate a day to our favourite films and worship the art of cosiness. Thank you winter for teaching me to be cosy!



  1. A Walk in the Park

Ironically, a walk in the park is not the easiest thing to do in winter (it’ll be a walk in the park…haha I’m hilarious.) But, there is something just a little more magical about the outdoors in the winter months. The crunch of the leaves, the fresh cool air and the peaceful sound of people hiding inside (they’re probably having a Cosy Movie Day…) Parks get so much busier when it starts getting warmer, so lets take our gorgeous winter boots and coat down the park for a little piece of tranquillity. Besides, your winter style deserves to be shared!


  1. Grab yourself a Coffee

A personal winter favourite of mine – sitting in the window of a coffee shop of your choice, watching the world go by. The big selling point to this one is that you a) get a hot drink and b) get to be cosy whilst having a front row seat to the town centre  – people watching at it’s finest.



  1. Pamper Day

If you really are too scared to venture into the cold, why not make the most of your home comforts? Give yourself a pamper with a face masking, nail painting, blow-drying evening at home! After all, what better way to get over the winter blues than treating yours truly to a little bit of TLC…

giphy-5.gifvia GIPHY

  1. Plan your summer

They say summer bodies are made in the winter, but so are summer plans! Book a holiday, book a festival – start planning your summer fun! From the wardrobe you’re going to slay, to the day to day adventures that you want to enjoy… Summer is made for adventure.




I’m super quiet at the moment and struggling to find time to blog… But I have a few things lined up for the next few weeks so please be patient and you’ll soon see me all over your screens once more! 

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Happy Wednesday sweeties!

Katy xx

My Route to Becoming an Apprentice

Hello lovelies!

I really wanted to share a story with you, all about how I found myself in an apprenticeship, because there were so many times that I panicked about my future (my story is a good one, I promise you) when I was actually on the right route all along!

I thought the best way of getting this entire story to you would be via a video, so here it is! I hope that there are some of you out there that are considering apprenticeships because they are amazing routes to get into and are definitely not spoken about enough.

I work very hard every single day, and it can be difficult, but sometimes the difficult things can be the best! I hope you enjoy this video (p.s. sorry it’s so long but it’s such a long story haha!)

Happy Sunday!

Katy xx