Tonight I thought I'd show you my super quick and easy method to a last minute 'Kitty Cat' halloween look. This makeup is the perfect look for any last minute Trick or Treat' plans, or for anyone that might struggle with the extravagance of skulls and mermaids. It is a total Halloween classic and is [...]

Chop Chop…

I have a little something to tell you all... I went for it. I took a big step, and went for it. What did I go for? Well. I started the day as a devil dog... note the length of my hair (Hint Hint) Then I went on my travels and... Chop chop! All gone!Today I had [...]

Ghouls are goals

Don't you just adore this time of year? You get to play with face paint and act like you're 5 again. What could you not love about Halloween?! Tonight I opted for a sparkly spooky skull/scary gal... I don't technically think I'd pass for a skull in terms of my attempt at bone structure?... I [...]