Why Some Bloggers SHOULDN’T Do Makeup Tutorials…

The truth behind every photo or video I post is this – my family and I have so much fun. We are all crazy and annoying but oh my goodness, we have such a laugh!

I was looking back through my camera recently when I found an attempt at doing my sister’s makeup when she came home a few months ago. The footage was absolutely hilarious. There is so much stuff I can’t show you because it wouldn’t make sense, and so much stuff I would find too embarrassing to post… and disclaimer: I’m so bad at makeup it hurts.

I really hope you enjoy this little video showing the truth behind a lifestyle blogger’s makeup tutorial – enjoy!

Why Some Bloggers Shouldn’t Do Makeup Tutorials


Tonight I thought I’d show you my super quick and easy method to a last minute ‘Kitty Cat’ halloween look. This makeup is the perfect look for any last minute Trick or Treat’ plans, or for anyone that might struggle with the extravagance of skulls and mermaids.

It is a total Halloween classic and is super cute. I hope you enjoy!

P.s. Happy Halloween for tomorrow!

Chop Chop…

I have a little something to tell you all… I went for it. I took a big step, and went for it. What did I go for? Well.

I started the day as a devil dog… note the length of my hair (Hint Hint)

Then I went on my travels and… Chop chop! All gone!Today I had a super chop of my long long locks, and damn it feels good. My hair had grown to the middle of my back and had recently been bringing me down (both physically and mentally!)
With so much thick hair, I’ve really been struggling to keep it styled. So I decided, lets chop it off.

I hope you like it!

Ghouls are goals

Don’t you just adore this time of year? You get to play with face paint and act like you’re 5 again. What could you not love about Halloween?!

Tonight I opted for a sparkly spooky skull/scary gal… I don’t technically think I’d pass for a skull in terms of my attempt at bone structure?…

I hope you like the final look – let me know what you think, and make sure to get yourself some face paint so you can get your ghostly glam on this Autumn!

To create this look I used:

Snazaroo Black & White face paint

A variety of shimmery eye shadows (use as a highlight on top of the black paint to get this super shimmer!)

Grey wig from Amazon

Lots of good paintbrushes 

Halloween is coming…

Halloween is a matter of weeks away – have you started practicing your looks yet?! 

Let’s start this off with a standard Halloween #throwback…

 I particularly like my toy tiger in this.
Tonight I had a little go at this half skeleton half melted Barbie look… It was so much fun!The best thing about this time of year is how random you can be with your choices. There are a few pretty standard looks, such as vampires and skeletons and zombies, but things get really interesting when you combine those things with everyday roles – remember when I dressed Ben up as a zombie McDonalds worker?!

Have fun everybody, plenty more to come I am sure!

Katy xx