New Month: New Term

I don’t really know how I am feeling today. It’s 1st September which typically marks the start of winding down temperatures, darker nights, darker mornings… but as I write this, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the day is displaying more of what I would expect from the first day of Spring than the first day of September!

 I hate the short days in the winter & absolutely despise being cold, but September is my exception (alongside Halloween, Bonfire Night & Christmas – of course!) September marks the start of a new term. For many, in the literal sense – starting a new term of school. Myself, starting my new set of studies at university. 

But I am a strong believer that we should always treat September as a new term regardless of what we might physically be starting; September is an opportunity to re-invest in yourself. No “new year, new me” style promises – just a fresh start at a time where the year hasn’t yet ended, so if it hasn’t been a great year, there is still time left to fix it.

My new term promises? 

When I went on holiday last week (a post will surely follow..) I realised that I had stopped wearing makeup again, stopped doing my hair. I always go through phases where my mood has a sudden crash and I stop caring about how I look, which isn’t in itself all that bad a thing. But it is a bad thing when you’re getting more and more down because now you also look like a disaster. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I hate my skin – and recently it has been particularly bad. So when I started feeling sad about it, I simply stopped trying to cover it up, which in turn, made me see my bad skin every single day, making every single day a pain to look in the mirror. Yikes. Instead, I realise that you shouldn’t give up on these things; re-visit the doctor, try a new face wash, do something rather than give up on it!

On holiday, I made an effort every day. I felt superb. My makeup would be cute each night & my hair felt under control. I felt like me again!

Since I’ve been back in Blighty, I have made a conscious effort again – a little bit of makeup for work. Taking the time after a shower to style my hair ready for the next day. Wearing that brand new jacket I felt too fat to wear even though it actually looks really cute and it was all in my head. 

I have also promised myself a nice new coat & work wardrobe. I want to start dressing to impress again – not others, but myself. I am fed up of wearing baggy clothes that in turn, make me look baggy! I convince myself that I don’t feel comfortable but realise that I am my own worst enemy – You actually look okay in a dress Kate, stop hiding in your jeans and a hoodie.

I’ve realised that if I dress myself lazy every day, I feel lazy. Yes I have lazy days but September is the start of me taking a little more time for myself and making that smidge more effort so that I can feel comfortable in my own skin again. I already feel 10x better after just a few weeks of my love myself regime; I can’t wait to see how winter goes!

And finally, new stationery. *Shivers* I god damn LOVE stationery. A new pen set, a new pad. A folder or two. Stationery lets me feel organised and I love feeling on top of things. I start my studies towards the end of September so I have plenty of time to sort myself out… I love stationery.

So let’s treat September like our new term, a time to re-invest in yourself. It isn’t a reinventing exercise like the new year so typically becomes; it’s a new term, a fresh start – a time to improve where we might have slipped up in 2017.

Enjoy your 1st September!

Katy xx

2nd April 2017 – 1 Year On

Last year, on 2nd April 2016, my granddad passed away.

My heart broke, and I learned that the universe has this horrific way of reminding  you that not everything lasts forever.

The anniversary of this date has been playing on my mind for some time now and I don’t really know how I will feel on the actual date, so I thought it would be best to write this post a few weeks in advance; today is 19th March, FYI!

I do however, know one thing for sure… I don’t want 2nd April 2017 to be a sad day. And that is why I am writing this post. Let me explain.

My granddad was a very strong man, and never wanted me to see him upset or unwell. He protected and sheltered me from his illness, and for that I loved him all the more preciously. He never wanted his grandchildren or family to worry about him – he just wanted to see us all happy.

I want him to know that the only memories I have of him are ones filled with happiness. And I know that he will be looking down on me today, just that little bit more. 

So, I want 2nd April 2017 to be a day full of happiness, to remember my granddad and the happiness we shared. I don’t want it to be a day of remembering his death, because that’s not how I want to remember my granddad, and it certainly isn’t how he would want to be remembered either!

Yes, I will likely cry on this date, as I have done since his death. But not because of the memory of what happened on 2nd April 2016 – I cry because of the sadness that the memories we had are now only in the past, and that we won’t have any more in the future. I cry because I miss my granddad.

I wanted to share this with you, because I want a team effort to send lots of love and smiles up to my granddad today. In his memory, please take the time to smile today. Take a moment to be grateful for everyone you have in your life, whether they are still with you or not. I am so grateful for my family, and I am so grateful to have had nearly 19 years with my granddad in my life.

Please have a lovely day everybody, and thank you for your smiles today.



10 Reasons I Love Boohoo

Today Boohoo turns 10 YEARS OLD! So what better what better way to celebrate this milestone than to have a quick 10 things I LOVE about Boohoo? 

1. Boohoo are always on trend. And if you aren’t sure what the trends are, Boohoo will tell you via Stylefix all about how to get yourself on trend. They are our trend supervisors.

2. Boohoo are creative! I absolutely loved the Boohoo offices because they OOZE creativity. Whether it is via the people or in the decor, Boohoo is funky.

3. Amazingly affordable – yes! Boohoo is one of my favourite brands because I can actually afford to shop there, and for great quality items too!

4. They have wicked advertisement campaigns. Not much to be said here except, wouldn’t you love to be in the adverts?! Me too! They are beustifully filmed and I always get excited for a new launch.

5. The customer service team are exceptional.  Tweet @Boohoo and you’ll get a response as quickly as they can get to you. And you’ll probably hear exactly what you need to hear, because the customer service team have magic at their fingertips to solve any issues…

6. The content team are amazing. Have you seen how beautiful really is? It is a buzz of energy, making your shopping experience as enjoyable as possible. And that is all down to the amazing team at Boohoo working hard every single day to make us happy.

7. There is always something new. Boohoo get so many new pieces every week that you’re guaranteed to find something you like. Or love in most cases.

8. Boohoo social media is legit awesome. Follow them on Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram for amazing content every day. I love following Boohoo because they’re always up to something cool – well jealous.

9. Boohoo engage with their customers. It’s like having a group of friends when you talk about Boohoo. I love seeing reposts on Instagram of everybody’s #MyBoohooStyle. Sass queens everywhere.

10. And finally, Boohoo is 10! That means they’re just as young and enthusiastic as the rest of us! A big happy family!

Have a great day everybody!

Katy xx

Be the Flamingo

Happy Sunday people of the web🌸

Check out these super cute glasses that have made their way into the depths of our kitchen…  I thought it was the most appropriate thing to share with you before the new week begins to help remind everyone that everything in life is about your perspective, and that you’ll only succeed if you have the right grasp on things. 

Don’t see the glass as half empty, see it as half full. And don’t be a pigeon, be a god damn flamingo. Why? Because you’re beautiful and you need to start telling yourself that, and believing you can achieve whatever your heart desires to!I’ll be back in touch later this week as Molly left for university yesterday (cry cry) so I have a nice little snippet coming up for you, all about it!

Happy Sunday lovelies, and happy Monday for you too!

Katy xx

Sunday Funday

I had a lovely day yesterday, enjoying the sunshine with my lovely Ben, before he travelled back to camp. We decided to take Gilbert to the park and had a good hour or so strolling in the sunshine talking about this and that – a perfectly relaxing afternoon.

We soon walked up a huge appetite and decided to try out the new dessert shop that has recently opened in the neighbourhood – I opted for the cookie collision dough (three types of cookies in one dough. Amazing!) with a pot of tea and Ben stuck with a milk chocolate cookie dough and Oreo milkshake. They were both delicious (the cookie coma soon took effect) and we will definitely be making it a tradition…Whoops!

Hope you had a lovely Sunday too!

Katy xx

Happy Hump Day

Happy Wednesday everybody – let’s all motivate each other to get over that midweek hump in the road… You’re half way there now!

Just figured I’d share today’s #mugshot expressing my feelings towards this week as it sure has been a cracker… Hope you have a few sassy mugs at your disposal for days where subliminal messaging is the only way of letting people know how you feel!

Enjoy your midweek celebrations!

Katy xx

A day with Boohoo

Hey lovelies and welcome back to my little space on the web.

First things first – I HAVE A DOMAIN! No more .wordpress for me! I figured it was about time I upgraded my little space on the internet from a shed in the garden to my first flat; so welcome little domain – welcome. And of course – a new domain needs a new theme! We’re looking super fresh and new on this here blog o’ mine today, and I hope you like my new style. Let me know what you think (I do miss my little girl logo though… I’ll figure it out). If you see my theme changing over the next few days, just remember I’m having a bit of a play around…

Now, you may remember from one of my previous posts that I told you I would be visiting the Boohoo offices in September as part of my new Student Ambassador role. And if you have me on Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat, you’ll know that I did in fact visit the offices – yesterday!

I had an absolutely amazing day visiting Boohoo HQ in Manchester with all the other Student Ambassadors (who are all amazing and lovely people!) I hopped on a train from New Street Station just before 10am, landed in Manchester just before 12pm, navigated myself to the Boohoo reception (which has a glass table with FISH inside of it. Yes. Amazing!) and then the adventure really began…

We were taken to the Beauty Room just up the street, greeted with boxes of sweets to indulge on at our heart’s content and  were surrounded by fridges full of cold drinks. The two words of the day that kept cropping up? “Help yourself!” – Perfect.The beautiful Boohoo team then gave us training on everything we need to know for the role; we were then provided with boxes of noodles, plates of sushi, chocolate brownies and a delicious selection of smoothies, before having a chat with Sophie Hannah Richardson (yes, she is that beautiful in real life!) all about how she started as a blogger and her experiences in the industry.

After jotting down helpful tips and advice from all of the speakers, the group split into two. We took part in some outfit styling, taking our very own flat lays with any items we wanted off of the rails. I styled the below with beautifully torn black shorts and a body suit, feat rose gold heels (madly in love with these, need a pair.) and a rose gold clutch.

Once we had finished styling, we went on a tour back to HQ, touring the amazing Boohoo offices. They are based in a really cool building where you could happily get lost for hours – there is even a Mario Kart sticker trail going toward IT, and Star Wars stickers on the walls in the IT office. Oh and Wonder Woman. Amazing.

We toured the offices, even taking a tour around the studio, where models were being photographed LIVE – I was a little star struck to see models I know so well off of the site ,in the flesh… everyone else played it cool (I don’t know how, I was in awe!)

After our tour of the entire Boohoo HQ (which I might just start referring to as the Boohoo palace. Yeah that seems fitting.)…

After our tour of the entire Boohoo PALACE, we were taken back to the Beauty Room to begin creating video content for StyleFix. We all recorded a short little segment to go on the online StyleFix in order to introduce ourselves to the role. It was extremely nerve racking but I am so glad I did it as I had a laugh.

The day ended with Prosecco,as every good day should. I was back home for 9:30pm, had a chinese waiting for me, then got into bed and had a very well deserved sleep… Oh and we had lovely gifts too!

Yesterday was fantastic; I met so many lovely people and made some new friends, whilst also learning some great things from the people that know things best. I am super excited to be able to keep working on my blog and online content, with the support of Boohoo behind me, and I hope that you enjoy what is to come!

Have an amazing weekend everybody!

Love Katy x