Be the Flamingo

Happy Sunday people of the web🌸 Check out these super cute glasses that have made their way into the depths of our kitchen...  I thought it was the most appropriate thing to share with you before the new week begins to help remind everyone that everything in life is about your perspective, and that you'll [...]

Sunday Funday

I had a lovely day yesterday, enjoying the sunshine with my lovely Ben, before he travelled back to camp. We decided to take Gilbert to the park and had a good hour or so strolling in the sunshine talking about this and that - a perfectly relaxing afternoon. We soon walked up a huge appetite [...]

Happy Hump Day

Happy Wednesday everybody - let's all motivate each other to get over that midweek hump in the road... You're half way there now! Just figured I'd share today's #mugshot expressing my feelings towards this week as it sure has been a cracker... Hope you have a few sassy mugs at your disposal for days where [...]

A day with Boohoo

A day with Boohoo

Hey lovelies and welcome back to my little space on the web. First things first - I HAVE A DOMAIN! No more .wordpress for me! I figured it was about time I upgraded my little space on the internet from a shed in the garden to my first flat; so welcome little domain - welcome. And [...]