4 Year Anniversay

Hi lovelies! Can you believe it? Me & Ben have been together for 4 YEARS!

 To celebrate, I ‘surprised’ Ben with a weekend away for in his favourite seaside town, Great Yarmouth!

You might remember from previous posts, that Ben surprised me for our 2 year anniversary with a trip to Harry Potter world – I literally had no idea where I was going until we pulled up at the studios… so we decided that it was my turn to try and pull off a surprise…

So, I planned a visit to Great Yarmouth, staying at a beautiful 4 star hotel with a sea front room! All Ben knew was that we were going away for the weekend. I kept it a secret for over a month! 

UNFORTUNATELY, the night before we were due to go, my Apple Maps kindly announced out loud (I was checking the route!) “Starting route to Great Yarmouth”… Ben obviously heard, didn’t he?

Nevertheless, he was chuffed, and we had an awesome weekend! The sun came out from under its dark British cloud, and we spent the weekend relaxing with plenty of fish & chips and ice cream. The hotel was amazing too!

Happy 4 Years xxx

My Surprise!

Good evening fellow bloggers & welcome to my post where I can FINALLY share my wonderful trip to the Warner Bro’s Studios in London with Ben, as my long awaited surprise!

I have compiled all my photos and videos and tried to make it as quick as possible by only sharing bits and pieces from the day (that was tough because I wanted to show you EVERYTHING!)

As you may remember, I was informed by Ben before Christmas that I would have a surprise, and not find out where I was going until I arrived – of course I was highly skeptical of this statement, judging by the number of people who were told about where I was going suggesting I would eventually find out, likely by accident…

BUT I DIDNT! And I seriously had no idea where I was going, until we drove through the gates on the morning of April 4th 2015, where I burst in hysterical chorus’ of screams. It was amazing.

Anyway without further going into the day before even showing you, here it is – My Anniversary Surprise!

Anniversary Surprises & Easter Break

Hi everybody and welcome back to That Girl From! I’m sending out HUGE apologies for the lack of content recently, but I’m hoping to get through these next few months in one piece, so am totally focused on working hard whilst also trying to balance a social life in the midst of revision and exam prep…

So this week I have been out of sixth form on the first week of the Easter Holiday’s, and have enjoyed the week in its full effect. Though the British Isles has been hit with a total wash out for Easter, I’ve managed to keep in my own little ray of sunshine with pleasant trips out and days planned!

I celebrated my 2 YEAR anniversary with Ben on Wednesday, where we enjoyed a tasty meal out at TGI Friday’s – I couldn’t think of anything better than indulging in a Classic Cheeseburger!! The meal was excellent and we had a great day.

So tomorrow is my long awaited surprise, and I have no idea where I am going! (Hence the surprise bit)…

Ben has been planning this for months, and everyone is so excited for me to go out tomorrow! As a result, I am totally excited too, even if I have NO IDEA where we are going! This of course can be slightly scary, with questions such as “What do I wear?” being prevalent in today’s conversation – however, worries aside from the lack of involvement in the planning process (I am always heavily involved in planning so this has been a somewhat strange experience!), I can honestly say I am buzzing like a bee about what tomorrow will hold!

Furthermore, I have another week off next week, which is always extra motivating and encouraging. After meals out this week and plenty of lazy days however, I do think I will be working my little socks off next week in preparation for the soon awaiting and ever approaching exams coming my way!

I hope that you are all well and enjoy your Easter Bank Holiday Weekend – do you have anything planned? Follow me on Instagram & Twitter to follow my journey tomorrow, and add me on snapchat where I will be posting all day about my journey to the unknown…! I will certainly be posting again soon with all the photos, videos and little written notes on what the day was all about!

Sending out lots of love,

Katy x

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