Fashion By The Numbers

£50 overdrawn – bailed myself out… £60 overdrawn – #OopsIDidItAgain tumblr_mco2wr7vth1qgiq62o1_500

Oh January – you’re killin’ us! How are we supposed to enjoy the sales and fund our ‘New Year, New Me’ goals when our empty piggy banks are still crying from our Christmas splurges?

The key is in the basics of it all. Why do we always wear the same things when there is a tonne of cute clothing at the back of the wardrobe?

Because we haven’t cracked the idea of versatility. Sigh.

Why do we buy 2 different tops when you could buy 1 that can be styled in 2 different ways, saving you half the cost?

This  February (yes, January is a total write off for me…) I’m going back to the basic mechanics of my wardrobe. Staples. Individual pieces that can be switched up. Versatile shopping! 

Maybe I’ll buy another yellow rain coat, or another pair of stripy trousers. That’s cool wth me, I need the odd random piece in that closet o’mine. However, the fact of the matter is; maybe I could buy something to go with the trousers, which can also be easily worn with other pieces in my wardrobe?

So lets get the basics down to a tee. That way, when we’re crying into our penniless piggy banks, we can still be smoking’ hot without any effort, switching between the most basic of styles for the biggest of impacts.

With this framework in mind, here are a few of my favourite staples right now on that won’t break the bank and definitely give effortless style…


The midi dress – the apple to the pie. Get the midi! I love that a midi dress can look cool with trainers or boots, being worn effortlessly to work or out in town. I need this bad boy.


This beautiful top is so adaptable for easy style, day or night. Wear it to work with a pair of trousers or on a Saturday with a pair of jeans! Adaptable? Yes?!


I’ve had a break through recently with the bodysuit hype. They can literally change a pair of trousers or a skirt – they are one of the biggest staples you can get right now for your stapler. And what could be more perfect than a turtleneck bodysuit?! Smart casual everyday.


Swishy Swing dresses are cute with trainers and flats and are easily styled with a statement jacket or blazer. Effortless, again. Yet so versatile!


T-shirt dresses have always been so cute. Again, change what you have on your feet and your choice of jacket for completely different styles. One dress, multiple styles.

Bow-tiful Christmas

It is Christmas Eve, finally! A day of preparation for tomorrow, full of last minute dashes to the shop and wrapping presents. But the real excitement kicks in around about now… because it is Christmas Day in a matter of hours!

This year I am styling Christmas with cheesy accessories, Christmas jumpers & dresses – cheese is acceptable at Christmas in all forms remember…

These adorable bows made a grand appearance at work yesterday alongside my super cute Christmas dress and will definitely be whipped out tomorrow. I absolutely loved going to work as a little festive elf and am super chuffed that I have now broken up until January!
My little Gilbert also enjoys his bows this Christmas! He is definitely in the Christmas Spirit and ready to party.

And on that note, it’s time to settle down into my lovely cosy bedroom in these adorable Christmas PJ’s… 

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Day and enjoy the quality time with your loved ones! Happy Christmas you beauties!

Katy xx

Boohoo SS17 Press Day

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of attending Boohoo’s SS17 Press Day. And let me tell you ladies & gents – there are some amazing pieces coming!

I have lots to show you and hope to have it all ready for you soon, so hold tight (and get super excited, because the details in these pieces are amazing. You just wait…)

But for now, here’s my outfit details on what I wore yesterday!

So let’s clear things up first… I’m wearing all Boohoo! Here’s the codes you need…

Boots – Product Code: dzz7415010514

Blazer – Product Code: dzz6940414020

Bodysuit – Product Code: azz1509810520

Trousers (VELVET!) – Product Code: dzz7202910522

I also had this stunning grey coat which I am yet to photograph – but trust me, this coat is a cosy, stylish asset that you need in your wardrobe! I styled it with this super cute shopper bag..

Bag – Product Code: dzz8198110535

Coat – Product Code: dzz829291312

Sole Sisters

Oh my. It is super chilly and our feet are the only things we want on show right now because the rest of us is covered up in scarfs, coats and hats – so let’s slay with our sole sisters…here’s my two faves this season.

My go-to booties this season are these cute little ankle boots from Boohoo – I adore the gold details, which are perfect for the crossover between Autumn/Winter styling. Plus they’re super comfy. Oh I would walk 5,000 miles… in these boots.And my second favourites this season are these bad boys. Talk about chunky monkey slaying vibes. They are technically a sandal but who said sandals couldn’t come out in the cold? Nobody.

 I love the details on the ankle of these beauties, giving a little bit of a boot illusion even if we’re classing them as a heeled sandal… they look super cute with skinny jeans, velvet disco pants and even a skater dress. Talk about versatility.

Let me know what your feet are slaying this season! And if you like my faves, here’s the deets:

Boots – Product Code dzz9910210514

Sandals – Product Code dzz8145710514

Katy xx

Embroidery Baby

I absolutely adore the embroidery trend right now. I think it is absolutely adorable!

Embroidery boots, dresses, skirts, tops, bags…. it is a trend hitting everywhere, and is super versatile even when it is so simple.

I particularly love my boohoo shift dress that I recently purchased – it is really easy to dress up or down. 

Me and Ben visited Cadbury World on Sunday and I opted for a little Sunday elegance, wearing my shift dress, black tights and a pair of black trainers. To dress it up, little black boots would do!

And of course, a little black leather jacket was essential in this super bitter October…
Outfit details:

Dress – dzz7818310520 

Shoes – dzz7530610514

Smoulder with your Shoulders

Come on ladies, let’s get your shoulders out!

I absolutely love the “off the shoulder” trend that is currently in stores right now because it is the perfect style when crossing over from Summer to Autumn.

There is something super elegant about showing off your shoulder line in a cute blouse, which can lead to you looking absolutely smouldering this Autumn.

I adore this zig-zag patterned blouse from Boohoo – I had so many compliments when I first wore it to the office! 

The best thing about this look is it is not only secretly sexy, but extremely versatile. Wear it with skinny trousers and dollies to the office, or your favourite pair of jeans and a pair of heeled booties for the weekend!