Fashion By The Numbers

Fashion By The Numbers

£50 overdrawn - bailed myself out... £60 overdrawn - #OopsIDidItAgain  Oh January - you're killin' us! How are we supposed to enjoy the sales and fund our 'New Year, New Me' goals when our empty piggy banks are still crying from our Christmas splurges? The key is in the basics of it all. Why do we [...]

Bow-tiful Christmas

It is Christmas Eve, finally! A day of preparation for tomorrow, full of last minute dashes to the shop and wrapping presents. But the real excitement kicks in around about now... because it is Christmas Day in a matter of hours! This year I am styling Christmas with cheesy accessories, Christmas jumpers & dresses - [...]

Sole Sisters

Oh my. It is super chilly and our feet are the only things we want on show right now because the rest of us is covered up in scarfs, coats and hats - so let's slay with our sole's my two faves this season. My go-to booties this season are these cute little ankle [...]