A Day in Dublin

Happy Sunday everybody! Today I will be practicing the art of relaxation after a very long day yesterday (I woke up at 2:30am, left the house at 3:30am and arrived back at home at 10:30pm!)

So why the long Saturday?

We went to Dublin for the day, of course!?

We had an amazing day exploring and wanted to share a little bit of our day with you. The Guinness Storehouse was particularly exciting! Thanks Dublin for an amazing day, we’ll be back for longer next time 🙂

I hope you enjoy this video and that it inspires you to have a few long days every once in a while – it is worth it.

Sunday Funday

I had a lovely day yesterday, enjoying the sunshine with my lovely Ben, before he travelled back to camp. We decided to take Gilbert to the park and had a good hour or so strolling in the sunshine talking about this and that – a perfectly relaxing afternoon.

We soon walked up a huge appetite and decided to try out the new dessert shop that has recently opened in the neighbourhood – I opted for the cookie collision dough (three types of cookies in one dough. Amazing!) with a pot of tea and Ben stuck with a milk chocolate cookie dough and Oreo milkshake. They were both delicious (the cookie coma soon took effect) and we will definitely be making it a tradition…Whoops!

Hope you had a lovely Sunday too!

Katy xx

8th July – Ben’s Passing Out Parade

There is a certain amount of pride that you experience when the person you love tells you they are joining the army. It is mixed with worry, but it’s still there. There’s also a little bit of a sense that it’s “just a phase”, and that it was just a passing comment. But you are proud.

There is a certain amount of pride that you experience when the person you love passes army selection, and tells you they have a start date for training. It is again, mixed with a little bit of worry, but pride it is. The sense of it being a phase is gone, and reality hits that he was telling the truth – he really is going to join the army. Wow. And the pride grows just a little more.

There is a certain amount of pride that you experience when the person you love, texts you one weekend after visiting a war memorial in Belgium, gushing over the things they have seen and experienced. Talking about their first public appearance in uniform. That certainly is, a moment of pride.

But no moment could of prepared me for the overwhelming sense of pride I felt for my beloved boyfriend on 8th July this year, when I witnessed him in his passing out parade; boots as shiny as a mirror, uniform in perfect condition. A band playing, myself and his family and friends cheering, as he marched around the parade square. 

I think it was one of the most amazing moments I have ever experienced – infact, I know it was. I have never felt so overwhelmingly proud as I did that day!

Congratulations to my wonderful solider!

Stila is gonna steal-ya heart

Okay so firstly I want to apologise for that god awful post title. Now, let’s talk business girls.

A few moments ago, I had a play with my new ‘Stila – Eyes are the Window’ shadow palette (literally 5 minutes) and can already tell you that I absolutely LOVE this palette. The colours are perfect for an everyday subtle look with lots of beautiful shades to make a more dramatic look too. 

I’ve also used my brand spanking new ‘Morphe’ brushes (thanks for all this new stuff beauty bay… You legend. Even if I’m £60 down…) which once again, I LOVE. Perfect for blending. Good price. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

The pigmentation in this palet is just… PHWOAR I LOVE IT. 

Anyway, I’m now less than 2 weeks away from seeing my amazing boyfriend in his passing out parade, so it’s now time to crack down with my beauty regime so I can look as beautiful as possible on the day (I’ve not seen this guy for 8 weeks – I’ve gotta look smokin’ guys.)

So if you have any beauty products that you are dying to share with me, please let me know, as I am all ears – This is the time to tell me! My dress is sorted, my shoes are ‘kinda’ sorted – now I just need to fine tune the makeup, skin, nails, and of course, the accessories. I am beyond excited.

I hope you’ve all had a fabulous weekend – speak again soon!

Katy xx

Prom-ise Me…

Hey there sweet peas!

It’s finally cooled down a bit here in Britain, but have no fear – more heat is on its way!…

Anyway, as most of you already know, on Thursday I had my Year 13 prom, and I had an absolute blast! It was a lot better to Year 11 prom (probably 90% due to the fact that everyone could drink alcohol…) and I enjoyed myself so much! It was a wonderful way of saying goodbye to so many people I have known for so long!

Sadly, Ben flew off on holiday to Malia the days after with his friends, so I’ve been totally missing him ever since! Nevertheless, here are a few pictures from my Senior Prom – I hope you enjoy!

Speak again soon

Katy xxx


Anniversary Surprises & Easter Break

Hi everybody and welcome back to That Girl From! I’m sending out HUGE apologies for the lack of content recently, but I’m hoping to get through these next few months in one piece, so am totally focused on working hard whilst also trying to balance a social life in the midst of revision and exam prep…

So this week I have been out of sixth form on the first week of the Easter Holiday’s, and have enjoyed the week in its full effect. Though the British Isles has been hit with a total wash out for Easter, I’ve managed to keep in my own little ray of sunshine with pleasant trips out and days planned!

I celebrated my 2 YEAR anniversary with Ben on Wednesday, where we enjoyed a tasty meal out at TGI Friday’s – I couldn’t think of anything better than indulging in a Classic Cheeseburger!! The meal was excellent and we had a great day.

So tomorrow is my long awaited surprise, and I have no idea where I am going! (Hence the surprise bit)…

Ben has been planning this for months, and everyone is so excited for me to go out tomorrow! As a result, I am totally excited too, even if I have NO IDEA where we are going! This of course can be slightly scary, with questions such as “What do I wear?” being prevalent in today’s conversation – however, worries aside from the lack of involvement in the planning process (I am always heavily involved in planning so this has been a somewhat strange experience!), I can honestly say I am buzzing like a bee about what tomorrow will hold!

Furthermore, I have another week off next week, which is always extra motivating and encouraging. After meals out this week and plenty of lazy days however, I do think I will be working my little socks off next week in preparation for the soon awaiting and ever approaching exams coming my way!

I hope that you are all well and enjoy your Easter Bank Holiday Weekend – do you have anything planned? Follow me on Instagram & Twitter to follow my journey tomorrow, and add me on snapchat where I will be posting all day about my journey to the unknown…! I will certainly be posting again soon with all the photos, videos and little written notes on what the day was all about!

Sending out lots of love,

Katy x

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Anniversary Pictures:




Morning Sunshine


Good morning sunshine & welcome back! Isn’t my mug just so sweet? It was a Christmas present from my sister Molly, and I absolutely adore it! In fact, I love it so much I might have to go get some more of the same style….

Today I’ve began the day with a tasty hot chocolate in my favourite mug, to begin greeting my weekend whilst also gaining a bit of home comfort – my favourite!

This week, all I’ve eaten is clean foods (bar the odd slip up… It was only 1 piece of Terry’s chocolate Orange!) in an attempt to fully detox and cleanse after all the junk I ate over Christmas! My skin is feeling better and I feel so much happier! So I think that means a success, right?

Sadly though, I’ve had a migraine for the past 2 days and can’t seem to shift it! It comes and goes in waves but when it’s here I literally just have to sleep and wake up feeling refreshed:)

To cheer myself up, I decided that I would have a little hot chocolate this morning, made using Nutella instead of cocoa powder. It’s a really nice alternative to a normal hot chocolate, as you get to taste the hazelnut!

I haven’t really got a recipe for how I did this as I just judged it by my own cup? But all I did was, fill my mug with milk, pour it into a saucepan, bring it to simmer & whisk in a dollop of Nutella until the mixture was smooth and the lumps had gone. Then I CAREFULLY poured the mixture back into my mug, and voila, a tasty drink!

Let me know if you try it too!

Now before I go I want to make a big announcement and congratulate my wonderful boyfriend Ben, after he passed his practical driving test yesterday! I am so unbelievably proud of him, and seeing him driving around in his car is such a sight! It’s so weird in fact… We’re all growing up aw.

Speak to you soon lovelies, and I hope you are all safe and well!

Katy xx

New Year: Hello

Hello & welcome back! Firstly I just want to apologise for the fact that I haven’t been in touch since Christmas Eve! I’m sure that you can appreciate how busy the Christmas period is, and how important it is to cherish the time we have with our loved ones during this season. I have genuinely not been on my mac for the entire week either, so I guess that just shows how much television I’ve watched & how many crackers I have consumed over the previous nights… So lets approach this correctly.

Happy Christmas! I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas break, and have eaten to your hearts content like I have! This year I spent christmas day at home with Mom & Molly, where we indulged in beef & pork dinners till we could no longer move. Several nights of deserts, crackers & cheese, Pringles and more, I can truly say that I have had a feast this Christmas. Me & Molly then spent Boxing Day with our dad, going to our nan & granddad’s house to indulge in yet more food…(when my nan produces a buffet, expect it to resemble a medieval feast).

I had an absolutely wonderful christmas, receiving beautiful gifts & spending time with people that truly matter to me. I’ve just returned last night back home after spending Monday-Thursday at Ben’s house too, as we decided to spend New Year together! We’ve been together since last Saturday as he stopped at mine for a few nights, so today is my first day without him in almost a week, so I’m feeling a bit lonely!

Nevertheless, we’ve had a great week and I’m so happy i have been able to spend some much needed time from my holiday with him!

I hope to be in touch again soon and really hope that you’ve had an awesome holiday! I’m back at sixth form on Monday (yuck!) but will definitely continue posting updates on Instagram of what I’m up to, so remember to follow me on there! (katylouise15)

Speak soon,

Katy xxx

The Birmingham Christmas Market

Hello and welcome to That Girl From!

So today I had no school (thank you angels!) due to a training day for the teachers, so me & Ben decided to venture into Birmingham City centre with our friend Matt, to visit the “new” library and to have a look around the Christmas Market. It only seems right to do so seeings as it is now December 1st… Let’s get festive!

The Christmas market is something that all Brummies expect every year, bringing simultaneous moaning annually. Nevertheless, it is a duty to visit the market about three times during the Christmas period. It’s a right to us. Today is the second time I have been in 2014.

The market never changes, year to year – infact, the stock is practically identical. But for some reason, no matter how much we moan about the crowds that it brings or the prices and similarity of each stock item of each stall, the German Market brings festivity and joy into Birmingham, as well as an element of magic and romance. Therefore, no matter how much we complain, we love it!

As well as this, I believe that there is no joy in visiting the market during day light hours. There is a specific waiting period until you can enjoy it to it’s full capacity, and that is, waiting until it is dark. Darkness in Birmingham means magical lights and festive cheer. Everything in Birmingham seems more magical at this time (strange?)

So before visiting the market (because it was far too light outside and we simply could not face the market in daylight), we enjoyed a tasty Subway, thanks to Ben and his generosity. Following on from then, Matthew brought us all a hot chocolate, allowing us to enjoy a good hour or so in the Starbucks in Selfridges – wonderful.

There is nothing better than quality time with friends and loved ones after all. And our hot chocolates had gold sprinkles because Selfridges is just that bit extra special!!!


Now I cannot remember what exactly I drank, but you see the hot chocolate with chocolate cream? That’s mine. It was a festive special, flavoured with almond and (was it honey?!?) – it was spectacular!

After a festive drink and chill in the centre of town, it was finally time to visit the market. We had a lovely time. There is something about walking along the market that I just love. It makes me feel very festive. The smells, the music, the sights… The atmosphere. It is simply something you cannot learn to appreciate until you have visited yourself. But it is wonderful.

That’s us all the the market… What a wonderful day!!

Finally, I wanted to take the boys up to the Secret Garden at the top of the Birmingham Library. I plan on telling you more about the new library soon, as it really is one of my favourite places right now. But to round up this blog post before I get some shut eye, I thought I should just share a last photo of me and Ben being very happy and romantic, looking over the top or Birmingham… And how very beautiful it was.


Of course, there is also this photo of Ben messing around… As per usual.


I hope you enjoyed reading a brief overview of today, and what a splendid day it was indeed! Speak to you all soon and enjoy your advent calendars!

Love Katy xx