Why Some Bloggers SHOULDN’T Do Makeup Tutorials…

The truth behind every photo or video I post is this – my family and I have so much fun. We are all crazy and annoying but oh my goodness, we have such a laugh!

I was looking back through my camera recently when I found an attempt at doing my sister’s makeup when she came home a few months ago. The footage was absolutely hilarious. There is so much stuff I can’t show you because it wouldn’t make sense, and so much stuff I would find too embarrassing to post… and disclaimer: I’m so bad at makeup it hurts.

I really hope you enjoy this little video showing the truth behind a lifestyle blogger’s makeup tutorial – enjoy!

Why Some Bloggers Shouldn’t Do Makeup Tutorials

Furry friends & bye byes

After 3 weeks of having Molly and Ben at home, the day has officially arrived for them to go back down south and proceed with their day to day lives, leaving me ready to see them at weekends or in a matter of weeks. Sigh. 

It really shouldn’t be as big as a deal as it feels every time they go, because I know I will see Ben at the weeekend and Molly is only going for a week before she comes back home for a week again – but it’s the concept of it all I guess. 

I just miss sitting in the kitchen with my sister in the evenings after work, chatting absolute rubbish over a cup of tea. And I miss having someone to cuddle up to in bed and telling me funny jokes and stories just to see me laugh. Sigh.

But hey ho, people don’t always have to be together to be happy together! It just makes things easier sometimes… but who said we didn’t like a challenge eh?

In the meantime, me and my fur babies will be having plenty more cuddles to compensate for the absence of my sister and boyfriend this week – and oh how beautiful they are! Here’s #HoraceTheBunnyRabbit and #GilbertTheBullmastiff looking gorgeous!

Christmas 2016

Ah what a lovely few days it has been. I always say that Christmas is my favourite time of year and I am never wrong – whenever I reflect on Christmas, I get a warm happy feeling about all the wonderful gifts I have received, all the amazing food I have eaten but most importantly, all the precious time that I have managed to spend with the people that matter the most.


I spent Christmas Day with Molly & Mom (and of course, Gilbert the Bullmastiff, Martha the Deaf Cat, Delilah the Kitty and Horace the Rabbit… of course). We have plenty of christmas traditions at home, starting with myself & Molly waiting at the top of the stairs until my mom has ‘checked if Santa has been’ (aka she turns the Christmas music and lights on and makes a cup of tea!) 15727239_10205914133771389_4826680422176394380_n

We then enter the living room where we both have a pile of gifts to open from my mom. After that, its onto gift giving to Mom from Molly and Me, and then gifts to Molly from me and vice versa. Finally, the animals get their gifts. Some of my wonderful gifts (to name only a few!) include an Amazon Firestick, a beautiful 2017 Journal, an Amazing 2017 Agenda (I cannot wait to have the most organised 2017 EVER!), perfume, clothes, Twinkies, Lindor chocolates (Fave), colouring books, plenty of other books, pretty things for my desk, a mac skin, artwork…. the list goes on. I was spoilt. And so were they!

We also have a tradition of having a photo taken with me and Molly laying in all the wrapping paper in the room on Christmas Morning, which has been a tradition for as long as I can remember! However for the past three years, the photo has also included our little Gilbert. Oh how he has evolved…

15747387_10154745696113548_2519256650241061999_n.jpgMe and Ben exchanged bags of pressies on Christmas Eve and then FaceTimed on Christmas morning to open our gifts together. Again, the list goes on… to include a Michael Kors watch, Gucci Perfume, Disaronno (my fave next to Malibu!), a Jack Wills gift set… I was spoilt. And so was he!


After plenty of unwrapping, the three of us popped over to visit family and exchanged a few more gifts and conversations before returning to our cosy nest to prepare for Christmas Dinner. My mom becomes a kitchen goddess at Christmas and cooks for thirty thousand instead of three. But the quality of the food always outweighs the quantity in every aspect (which seems impossible considering how much food she actually cooks.)

FullSizeRender.jpgAfter entering a food coma, it was onto relaxing in front of the television with Cards Against Humanity played and numerous desserts consumed. I even had a nap.

My Christmas Day was amazing, and always extends further into Boxing Day. On Boxing Day, my dad collected me and Molly and we spent the day at my nans house where we ate a beautiful lamb dinner and exchanged even more gifts, to include further clothes, makeup, perfume, chocolate… the list goes on again!15585212_10157967991310015_9097848052750148767_o.jpg

We then relaxed further and stayed the night at my nans – cheesecake & christmas pudding were again, consumed.

My Christmas always extends into the following days because I have so many people I want to see! On 27th, I enjoyed a third Christmas with my handsome beau, chilling with yet more food and television – after all, thats what December is made for, surely?!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year – I certainly am!

Speak again soon,

Katy xx

Bow-tiful Christmas

It is Christmas Eve, finally! A day of preparation for tomorrow, full of last minute dashes to the shop and wrapping presents. But the real excitement kicks in around about now… because it is Christmas Day in a matter of hours!

This year I am styling Christmas with cheesy accessories, Christmas jumpers & dresses – cheese is acceptable at Christmas in all forms remember…

These adorable bows made a grand appearance at work yesterday alongside my super cute Christmas dress and will definitely be whipped out tomorrow. I absolutely loved going to work as a little festive elf and am super chuffed that I have now broken up until January!
My little Gilbert also enjoys his bows this Christmas! He is definitely in the Christmas Spirit and ready to party.

And on that note, it’s time to settle down into my lovely cosy bedroom in these adorable Christmas PJ’s… 

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Day and enjoy the quality time with your loved ones! Happy Christmas you beauties!

Katy xx

Free stylin’ it

Woah, I am in absolute deadline mania recently – sorry for not keeping up with you guys, I’m totally working my butt off I promise! 

I’m having a night off tonight and filmed this little bit of free style on the piano with my mom as my trusty partner. Cheers momma. Hope you enjoy this little twiddle of my thumbs. 

​I have an exciting day planned for Thursday this week and a busy weekend too, so I promise you’ll be hearing from me very soon… make sure to follow my Instagram for lots of updates and pictures of my beloved doggy Gilbert (with the odd side order of what I’m eating too…)

Speak again soon!

Katy xx

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Meet Horace 

So, I have some news. The sort of news that is wrapped up in fur and has big floppy ears.

My pet family has expanded. Meet my little friend… HORACE WIMP!Horace is a bunny rabbit, not a big ball of fur, I promise. He is suitably named after a song by Electric Light Orchestra – The Diary of Horace Wimp… because he is mumblin’ and a fumblin…

He is a lion lop bunny, which means he is super fluffy because of his lionhead roots, but has cute floppy ears from his lop ancestors… cool.

He is the cutest little friend out there, and adores cuddles – he particularly likes to fall asleep with Ben, sitting himself on his shoulder like a parrot! I absolutely adore my latest addition (he’s only a baby too, 9 weeks old yesterday!) and I hope you love him too. Plenty more Horace updates to come – but for now, let’s start our Wednesday with a little bit of this…

Yellow raincoat

Where did summer go?! Happy Autumn everybody!

I absolutely love the next few months, whilst also hating them a little too. It is a balance between getting soaked with rain and snow on the way into work, and watching the rain and snow from a cosy warm house out of the window. 

Likewise, we have all the fun celebrations coming up – Halloween, Bonfire night, and most importantly (I’m already buzzing), CHRISTMAS.

But for now, we are in the autumnal season, watching the leaves fall and the temperature begin to slowly drop. So what more could you need in this golden season, than a yellow raincoat!

I had been debating getting a yellow raincoat for a while, constantly changing between “do I have the confidence to wear it?” And “I love it!” This battle continued from around Februarh through to July, when I finally took the plunge…

I had been looking at a variety of styles, particularly the Topshop version, hitting the bank at £55…(I thought it was a little steep!) But then I discovered that my all time faves, Boohoo, had released a couple of raincoats and of course they had a yellow one, and for a much better price of £40. Bargain.

So here it is, a little ray of sunshine on a rainy day. And it is just, so, cute!

Today I am styling it with smart black trousers and this beautiful new Boohoo top which features a cold shoulder (which I don’t usually manage to pull off!) for a day in the office.

I styled it the other week with a black and white striped high neck and jeans for a chilled Friday at work. Cute.

Hope you’re all doing well, speak again soon!

Katy x