Lipsy Dipsy Daisy

Oh lipsy, how I do love you. Have you ever noticed how a lipsy dress always seems to flatter you in all the right places? You walk around wearing it, feeling like a complete and utter sass-queen. But have you ever brought a lipsy dress… in the sale?!

Oh how much more exciting it is to wear that £65 dress that you brought for just £32. Especially with a handsome, suited & booted guy like Ben on your arm!

We had a wonderful time at our friend’s wedding recently – I adore having an occasion to dress up for. This embroidery lipsy dress was a last minute purchase after a tonne of panic shopping, and I am so glad I found it in the sale! The blue really stood out and was just absolutely perfect for the occasion.


Katy xx

A day with Boohoo

Hey lovelies and welcome back to my little space on the web.

First things first – I HAVE A DOMAIN! No more .wordpress for me! I figured it was about time I upgraded my little space on the internet from a shed in the garden to my first flat; so welcome little domain – welcome. And of course – a new domain needs a new theme! We’re looking super fresh and new on this here blog o’ mine today, and I hope you like my new style. Let me know what you think (I do miss my little girl logo though… I’ll figure it out). If you see my theme changing over the next few days, just remember I’m having a bit of a play around…

Now, you may remember from one of my previous posts that I told you I would be visiting the Boohoo offices in September as part of my new Student Ambassador role. And if you have me on Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat, you’ll know that I did in fact visit the offices – yesterday!

I had an absolutely amazing day visiting Boohoo HQ in Manchester with all the other Student Ambassadors (who are all amazing and lovely people!) I hopped on a train from New Street Station just before 10am, landed in Manchester just before 12pm, navigated myself to the Boohoo reception (which has a glass table with FISH inside of it. Yes. Amazing!) and then the adventure really began…

We were taken to the Beauty Room just up the street, greeted with boxes of sweets to indulge on at our heart’s content and  were surrounded by fridges full of cold drinks. The two words of the day that kept cropping up? “Help yourself!” – Perfect.The beautiful Boohoo team then gave us training on everything we need to know for the role; we were then provided with boxes of noodles, plates of sushi, chocolate brownies and a delicious selection of smoothies, before having a chat with Sophie Hannah Richardson (yes, she is that beautiful in real life!) all about how she started as a blogger and her experiences in the industry.

After jotting down helpful tips and advice from all of the speakers, the group split into two. We took part in some outfit styling, taking our very own flat lays with any items we wanted off of the rails. I styled the below with beautifully torn black shorts and a body suit, feat rose gold heels (madly in love with these, need a pair.) and a rose gold clutch.

Once we had finished styling, we went on a tour back to HQ, touring the amazing Boohoo offices. They are based in a really cool building where you could happily get lost for hours – there is even a Mario Kart sticker trail going toward IT, and Star Wars stickers on the walls in the IT office. Oh and Wonder Woman. Amazing.

We toured the offices, even taking a tour around the studio, where models were being photographed LIVE – I was a little star struck to see models I know so well off of the site ,in the flesh… everyone else played it cool (I don’t know how, I was in awe!)

After our tour of the entire Boohoo HQ (which I might just start referring to as the Boohoo palace. Yeah that seems fitting.)…

After our tour of the entire Boohoo PALACE, we were taken back to the Beauty Room to begin creating video content for StyleFix. We all recorded a short little segment to go on the online StyleFix in order to introduce ourselves to the role. It was extremely nerve racking but I am so glad I did it as I had a laugh.

The day ended with Prosecco,as every good day should. I was back home for 9:30pm, had a chinese waiting for me, then got into bed and had a very well deserved sleep… Oh and we had lovely gifts too!

Yesterday was fantastic; I met so many lovely people and made some new friends, whilst also learning some great things from the people that know things best. I am super excited to be able to keep working on my blog and online content, with the support of Boohoo behind me, and I hope that you enjoy what is to come!

Have an amazing weekend everybody!

Love Katy x

A Delayed Halloween

Good evening everybody! Thanks for your continued support, I really appreciate how lovely everyone is being! 🙂

Tonight I wanted to post a quick post for you to just really keep the posts rolling! So I tried to get thinking about something to share with you, and then it hit me.

I never shared Halloween with you!

So, here is my latest post: A Delayed Halloween

Me & Ben were invited to a halloween party this year, and thankfully, it was fancy dress! As established before in prior posts, I absolutely love fancy dress. So when this Halloween party was fancy dress, we decided it would be fun to dress up! After all, it’s a bit awkward if people don’t dress up at halloween.

Me & Ben attended the party with our friend Joe, dressed in three different outfits… I went as the devil, wearing a red skater dress & devil horns, accompanied by red makeup and rough hair. It was so much fun doing my makeup, as I absolutely love how free you can be on Halloween.

Ben then asked me to do his costume. Now, up until Summer this year, Ben worked at McDonalds. So the only logical thing for him to do this Halloween, was to become a zombie halloween worker… We had so much fun with his outfit! Fake blood, face paint and a McDonald’s uniform all work brilliantly together for Halloween!



So we turned up to our Halloween party dresses as the devil and a zombie McDonald’s guy – brilliant! We had so much fun, and I absolutely loved making the costumes complete!

Sorry today has been such a short post, but I hope you’ve enjoyed my delayed halloween costume post! Speak soon,
Katy xx