We're going full Princess Diaries on My site is having a makeover! The Aim  I decided that I want my site to be cleaner and easier to navigate - a new logo & design have been put in place and I really hope you like it! Navigation Part of the process is to make [...]

Happy Hump Day

Happy Wednesday everybody - let's all motivate each other to get over that midweek hump in the road... You're half way there now! Just figured I'd share today's #mugshot expressing my feelings towards this week as it sure has been a cracker... Hope you have a few sassy mugs at your disposal for days where [...]

Boohoo News

Good morning everybody, and happy Monday! (The irony of a Monday being 'happy' has had me in stitches)... So I thought I would share some news with you about a new opportunity that has arisen recently, concerning one of my major faves in the fashion world - Boohoo. I found out the week before last [...]