Nutribuddy: First Impressions

I have been fortunate enough to receive some free goodies  from Nutribuddy to review this month, and can’t wait to share my experience with you! I am really excited to try out the products as part of my attempt to get fit and healthy this year, whilst also trying to slim down after the heavy eating over the christmas period… I will let you know how I get on with the products in the next couple of weeks! So – what gifts did I receive?!


  1. Sculpting Whey and Shake Bottle

Ah I am super excited to try this out! The shake is chocolate flavour, so should hopefully serve as a craving deterrent (the vending machine seems to have my number and keeps calling me?!)

Nutribuddy claim that the shake contains ingredients that boost metabolism, so it should hopefully burn calories quickly whilst giving me a nice energy boost – fingers crossed, I’m gonna need a boost now I’m starting to work out again! I like that they say the shake is natural, as it is super reassuring that I can trust the product. The bottle is super cute too and perfect size for taking out with you when you’re in a rush – so yeah, I’m really excited to try this one out!


2.Recipe Book

Totally adorable, this little recipe book is full of good ideas for shake and meals. I think this is going to be really fun to try out, as theres a couple of recipes in here that I am dying to try – they sound so delicious! This is a great little addition to the pack as it gives you a little bit of guidance on what you should be eating, so the whole process seems so much simpler. Planning meals is my downfall, so this should be pretty motivating!


3.  The Little Book of Weightloss

Another adorable little read, this Little Book of Weightloss tells you everything you need to know about the products and how to use them – it also includes an eating plan which I am excited to follow. It features a FAQ section, covering all the things you might be concerned about – just that little bit more reassurance, if you’re like me and need it!


4. Hunger Fix Tablets and Multivitamins

I’m a little sceptical about the hunger fix tablets, purely because I only really eat when I’m bored, not necessarily when I am hungry. Therefore I’m not sure whether I will be using the tablets, but will definitely let you know how I get on with them, should I get any big cravings that need fixing! The multivitamins look like a really cool edition to this kit, providing daily vitamins for a healthy boost whilst using the kit. I’ll be using these, definitely!


Overall, I’m really excited to try out these products and can’t wait to let you know how I get on! Thank you Nutribuddy for sending these to me – lets see what happens!

Let me know if  you join the Nutribuddy family too!


NB: *This product was provided to me free of charge from the company in order to review it. The opinions expressed in this review are my own*

Happy Hump Day

Happy Wednesday everybody – let’s all motivate each other to get over that midweek hump in the road… You’re half way there now!

Just figured I’d share today’s #mugshot expressing my feelings towards this week as it sure has been a cracker… Hope you have a few sassy mugs at your disposal for days where subliminal messaging is the only way of letting people know how you feel!

Enjoy your midweek celebrations!

Katy xx

Boohoo News

Good morning everybody, and happy Monday! (The irony of a Monday being ‘happy’ has had me in stitches)…

So I thought I would share some news with you about a new opportunity that has arisen recently, concerning one of my major faves in the fashion world – Boohoo.

I found out the week before last that I had successfully been selected to be a Boohoo Student Ambassador! So I figured it would be nice to give you all a little heads up as my blog is about to get a little bit more lively again, I am sure!

I have a visit to Boohoo headquarters in September booked, and will definitely keep you up to date on how this opportunity progresses. As a legal apprentice, I think it will be interesting to see what the other ambassadors study and I am really excited to meet new people and start this beautiful boohoo journey!

I hope you’re all doing well, be in touch soon!

Love Katy X

“Describe happiness without saying a word”

Ask me this question and I will show you this video. The moment I could finally see Ben, after 3.5 months in training, and after witnessing him in his passing out parade, feeling so overwhelmingly proud of the man he had become. This, is happiness.

8th July – Ben’s Passing Out Parade

There is a certain amount of pride that you experience when the person you love tells you they are joining the army. It is mixed with worry, but it’s still there. There’s also a little bit of a sense that it’s “just a phase”, and that it was just a passing comment. But you are proud.

There is a certain amount of pride that you experience when the person you love passes army selection, and tells you they have a start date for training. It is again, mixed with a little bit of worry, but pride it is. The sense of it being a phase is gone, and reality hits that he was telling the truth – he really is going to join the army. Wow. And the pride grows just a little more.

There is a certain amount of pride that you experience when the person you love, texts you one weekend after visiting a war memorial in Belgium, gushing over the things they have seen and experienced. Talking about their first public appearance in uniform. That certainly is, a moment of pride.

But no moment could of prepared me for the overwhelming sense of pride I felt for my beloved boyfriend on 8th July this year, when I witnessed him in his passing out parade; boots as shiny as a mirror, uniform in perfect condition. A band playing, myself and his family and friends cheering, as he marched around the parade square. 

I think it was one of the most amazing moments I have ever experienced – infact, I know it was. I have never felt so overwhelmingly proud as I did that day!

Congratulations to my wonderful solider!

Silence is golden

Hi guys, I am back!

I’ve been so quiet lately, so I have a couple of posts I want to share with you that I just haven’t yet had time to write, including Ben’s Passing Out Parade and My Holiday to Majorca – I only landed last night!

So stick around and I’ll have a few little things popping up shortly. If you aren’t already, follow me on Instagram & Snapchat @katylouise15 for all my daily updates!

Sending lots of love to you all,

Katy x

P.s. Here’s a sneak preview…

Stila is gonna steal-ya heart

Okay so firstly I want to apologise for that god awful post title. Now, let’s talk business girls.

A few moments ago, I had a play with my new ‘Stila – Eyes are the Window’ shadow palette (literally 5 minutes) and can already tell you that I absolutely LOVE this palette. The colours are perfect for an everyday subtle look with lots of beautiful shades to make a more dramatic look too. 

I’ve also used my brand spanking new ‘Morphe’ brushes (thanks for all this new stuff beauty bay… You legend. Even if I’m £60 down…) which once again, I LOVE. Perfect for blending. Good price. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

The pigmentation in this palet is just… PHWOAR I LOVE IT. 

Anyway, I’m now less than 2 weeks away from seeing my amazing boyfriend in his passing out parade, so it’s now time to crack down with my beauty regime so I can look as beautiful as possible on the day (I’ve not seen this guy for 8 weeks – I’ve gotta look smokin’ guys.)

So if you have any beauty products that you are dying to share with me, please let me know, as I am all ears – This is the time to tell me! My dress is sorted, my shoes are ‘kinda’ sorted – now I just need to fine tune the makeup, skin, nails, and of course, the accessories. I am beyond excited.

I hope you’ve all had a fabulous weekend – speak again soon!

Katy xx